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If anyone is interested, I'll be uploading videos here, just for whoever wants to see. Just FYI, on YouTube I'm calling my dog "Scully" and myself, well, nothing, because someone I blocked on Instagram kept making new accounts every time I blocked her, so I made my Instagram private, but I'm not saying my name or Brèagha's name on YouTube or otherwise giving away who I am, in case she goes searching for me on there. So if you want to comment just don't say our names please. Thanks. (Ignore our incredibly messy garage... and my hair... LOL)




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14 hours ago, Baderpadordercollie said:

Oh haha you don't know my name anyway.  ;)

:lol: Was gonna say, no idea who are you are, so secret is safe with me! I need to start up a YouTube channel as well and start recording with Dallas. Will be following yours!

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