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Barking at sheep + Pulling on lead

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Back when I had a car phobic dog I discovered that he traveled better in more open vehicles or in the back of a pickup truck than he did in a car or in the cab. (Don't worry; he was never taken anywhere other than a short country lane in the bed of the truck and was always well secured either on a double leash that didn't allow him to reach the sides or in a crate.) He never drooled or even seemed the least upset when he was in the back of the truck.

Back then it wasn't nearly as easy to research things like this as there was not yet any internet, but from what I was able to learn it seems that some vehicles' vibrations are somewhat different from others, causing various degrees of nausea in people sensitive to them. It can also have a visual component. I used to get car sick as a child and it was always much worse the farther back I was in a vehicle, say a station wagon with 3 rows of seats, or if I was facing backwards.

These are the things that led me to suspect that there might still be a nausea component with your dog's distress. Perhaps there's some difference in being in the crate.

Or maybe she's just more confident and less frightened when she's with the other dog, and nausea doesn't have much to do with it.

It does sound like you're onto something that will make her travels in the car less stressful.

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Just another update. We are back on the road in our campervan since 3 weeks and while we took the crate we haven't used it and actually donated it to a shelter a couple days ago (no space for it).

The first day we left again her anxiety was through the roof. She didnt want to get in the van. She drooled buckets. I felt awful for her and seriously wondered if I should leave her at my parents. 

Though an hour in, she stopped drooling an her whole body language changed. She had her perky ears up and just curled up at my feet and slept.

Since then, he association with the camper has totally changed. It is her chill space and she goes to sleep in it during the day as well, even if we are outside.

If she sees us packing and the sound of the keys; the first thing she will do it jump in the van and curl up in her spot. No pre-drooling. We don't have to watch her, she just goes there.

The other day we were packing up and I didn't see her anywhere. I immediatley thought she had left off as she had seen us packing. Then we whistled... and she came out of the van. I am so new to her loving being in here all the time haha.

We started timing when she did drool and it went from 1 hour at the start. Then 30 min and now 10 min. I still don't have an answer to 'why' as, even if we drive all day through the craziest mountain roads, it is only the first little bit that stresses her out.

Long story short. It is going really well. The barking is almost non existent, even with cattle. She has learned how to play with herself as well as with us (and knows a very clear 'that will do'). She tries to play with our other dog at least 5 x a day. Her recall is good and she is all in all a completely different dog from when I first posted.


Life is good!

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A bit late with reading your thread, but about your dog drooling when travelling - perhaps it's because she can't actually see where you are travelling.  Is she travelling i the boot area and can't see out of the window perhaps? All to do with liquids in the ear corresponding with what the eyes see.  My pup, aged 12 weeks threw up regularly until I changed his position and lifted him so that he can now see.  One reason I wouldn't put my dogs in the boot area, inconvenient being on the back seat but they LOVE the car, would travel to the moon and back in it, no sickness or drooling at last.

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I have a thought re the van. Our last dog happily travelled in a car but when we got a camper van she became a bit stressed. 

We realised that when the van warmed up (eg after we had been driving for a while) it got very warm under where she was lying, a bit stinky (hot engine) and noisy from vibrations. 

We moved her blanket a bit further back and a spot where she could really wedge herself in and get further from the engine. We also put an extra layer under her so she would get less rumbling feelings underneath her. 

Maybe a slight change like this plus cushions your pup can brace against might help. 

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Thank you for the extra comments.


She hasn't drooled since November 1st and is happy as she can be. Even when travelling in the van. Its a bit funny though because it has become her favourite spot and sometimes she doesnt want to come out haha.


She has made incredible progress. She is 11 months old, cuddly and gentle. She can not sit still during the day and frolicks around outside (on average they spent about 10+ hours outside, just hanging out and of course going on hikes at times). Her recall is great and she just stays around (our Aussie x Maremma needs to stay on a lead as he is our guard dog ;) ). They are best friends.

She can easily sleep for 12 hours straight and is a queen at entertaining herself with a rock or a stick. 

It is incredible how much progress she had made in these months! Best choice of 2018, to get her.





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