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A Few Questions About My Growing (7.5 Month) Pup...

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On 7/13/2018 at 7:28 AM, Baderpadordercollie said:


Thanks for explaining. I understand better now. 

There will ALWAYS BE DIFFERING OPINIONS in those regards, but I agree with you in regards to the car chasing issue. They are meant to discourage the pulling the head to the side, not to discourage lunging through YANKING/JERKING their head to the side.

On 7/12/2018 at 11:38 PM, GentleLake said:

Every time you let him get away with that you're reinforcing his lack of recall. IOW, he's learning that coming when he's called is optional because there's nothing to enforce it. And it's self rewarding for him to do whatever he wants to rather than come back to you when he knows the fun's over.

If I were you I'd start recall training all over again with a new cue because whatever cue you're using now has been tainted. Put him on a long line and reel him back in every single time he blows you off. When he gets to you, throw a party like it was his idea to respond in the first place. Never call him back to you for the purpose of ending his fun.


That's the plan. I'm going to start again with a long lead.

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Happy to help whenever I can! Good luck with the training! Just wanted to add about the bringing him in whenever he barks - I forgot to add that for that I keep Dallas on the lead so it's always enforced. (He can jump over our gate so until he learns not to I just keep him on his lead. Sometimes I use the long training lead to give him more freedom but most of the time he's on his regular lead.) I haven't got advice for when they are off lead. Haha. Sorry about that! I should have mentioned but totally forgot.

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