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6 Months, new dog.

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6 Months ago I brought home an underweight, terrified border collie, who was afraid of everyone and everything, literally, she was afraid of roast beef the first night.


She would charge, growling at people and snapping at them keep them away.


She growled at everyone, except her 2 people.


Fast forward to now.


She meets most people with enthusiasm, instead of charging at people growling, she is running to them looking for treats, and affection.


Strangers can be tolerated, and will usually become friends.


Find the right trainer, read as much as you can, and spend time with your dog.


Wasn't easy, but good things rarely are.






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Congratulations, Dom. Not only on the adoption but also -- and especially! -- on the wonderful transformation you've achieved with this beautiful dog.


Thanks for sticking with her and giving her a soft place to land and everything she needed to have a great rest of her life.


Love that face!

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What a cutie pie! Love that one eye round patch and her ears.


Having been a foster home to some damaged dogs, I know what it sometimes takes to bring them into their true dog nature. In my experience it is always worth it, and more than.


Good for you. She's a lucky dog.

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