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Siena Had a Seizure

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Last night at around 4:30 am, Siena had a grand mal seizure. It was her first. It was terrifying. It lasted about 3 minutes, then she just laid in my husband's arms limp & panting for about 5 minutes before she snapped out of it. (Our new rescue, Rolly, woke us up with barking.)


The afternoon before, she had peed in her crate while I was gone for only 4 hours. Siena has a super bladder, so this was really unusual. I thought that maybe she was just sick or something. It must have been a pre-cursor of the seizure to come.


I know that others here have posted this same news. Could some of you who've had seizures let me know how your dogs are now? Did more seizures follow, or was it a single incident? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


There's a really sad book that I read about a year ago called "For the love of a dog" or something like that. The woman's BC had terrible seizures. Read it for a good cry.


Kathleen, Siena & Rolly

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What a great website. Thanks for that. We get our bloodwork back today. I hope that gives us a clue.


Siena seems to be back to normal now, except that she seems to have forgotton some things. We went to play tennis ball yesterday and she kind of forgot what she was supposed to do. She remembered quickly, but it was weird.


Siena, Rolly & Kathleen.

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Guest rtphokie

Sorry to hear about Siena's seizures. Please don't presume epilepsy quite yet....and don't let your vet either. There are many other things that can cause seizures and those need to be ruled out first before assuming it's epilepsy. My BC started having seizures and the vet school presumed epilepsy, even sent me home with phenobarb. Turned out my dog had Erlichia (a tick-borne disease), not epilepsy....$14 worth of antibiotics and she was fine. Hasn't had a seizure since.


Hope your story has as happy ending!! :rolleyes:



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An hour long seizure is a LONG seizure. Please go see a vet neurologist for a second opinion ASAP....is there a vet teaching hospital nearby? Ask you general vet for a referral.


My own border collie began having seizures at 2 yrs....I was so afraid for her and so concerned about my vet's recommended treatment that I consulted a specialist. I am so glad I did, because it was a 180 degree change in approach to the condition.


Since then I always recommend getting a second opinion (preferrably from a specialist) when considered a major medical issue....for both veterinary and human medical concerns. You can spend alot of time and unnecessary treatment when not fully informed and educated about the issue.


Best of luck for your pup....I hope you see a quick recovery.



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I have a female BC who turned 9 yrs old in April. She has been seizuring since she was 9 months old. First we put her on phenobarb, varying doses, she still cluster seizured like clock work, without fail, every three weeks, no matter what the dose she was on. Amazingly, when she was about 4 yrs old, she went for 14 months seizure-free. Then it came back with a vengeance, grand mal seizures every 20 minutes. She was put on IV's for the better part of a week (very costly), & when she came out, she still cluster seizured 1 x a month. The following year, again, she went into round the clock seizures & was put on IV's. This time I had a more knowledgable vet & we put her on a combination of Phenobarb & potassium bromide. We eventually weaned her off the phenobarb, & she is only on 300 mg. potassium bromide 2x a day & her seizures now are anyway from 1 month to four months apart. (I'll take that over every 3 weeks). She still cluster seizures, but it's not nearly as bad.


Point of all this is, don't give up. I was ready to, until we hit the right combination of meds.


There's an awful lot of information out there, resources to help you.


Seizures, while at least I never got used to them, you can live with & the dog isn't in pain. Most seizures can be controlled. It's nice to have the resources like the K-9 epilepsy list to go to. The more you know, the better for your dog, for you.


Good luck.



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