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FDA is now investigating the pentobarbitol problem.

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This was all over the news yesterday.


For some reason pentobarbitol was showing up in low doses in Gravy Train. Something like 8 cans out of the 15 tested came back positive.


Gravy Train is made by Smuckers and they make several pet foods.


It is not like the Evanger scare where there was a big dose in a couple of cans.


This is a big concern because it probably means that euthanized animals have been used in the making of dog food. Only slaughtered animals are allowed in the making of human or pet food.

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I hope the FDA can or will do a proper investigation.


When I read this news I honestly wondered if it was just a brush off by the FDA. As a consumer issues it should be important to them, but I can't help wondering how high a priority it is for them in an age of funding cutbacks and when it seems like they're rushing a lot drugs through to release with little long term studies of adverse reactions. I'm not holding my breath.


Just another reason to feed raw IMO. I know it's not for everyone but I think I have a better idea what my dogs are eating than most ppl do.

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I think there may be a legal way for renedered meat to end up in the dog food supply, via meals. Rendered meats could likely would have euthanized animals mixed in, horses and cattle.


FDA has a old write up along with info on investigations in the past https://www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/CentersOffices/OfficeofFoods/CVM/CVMFOIAElectronicReadingRoom/ucm129131.htm

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I often wonder about what studies finding no adverse effects after 8 weeks might find if they extended the studies to reflect long term use. I'm not a scientist but have to wonder about what these really short trials -- similar to the short feeding trials of what, 3 months? -- really reveal about the long term effects of the drugs or of the food. Most dogs are fed the same food, if not the same brand then very similar types, for a lot longer than 8-16 weeks.

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