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internal parasites

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There are several different types of internal parasites. Which one does he have?? Each one has a different time frame for treatment. Since you said he's on an antibiotic (again, which one??) he could be being treated for either coccidia or giardia. Coccidia usually takes 10-14 days of treatment if you're using Albon or 7 days if you're using Septra. Giardia usually takes 5-7 days to treat with Metronidazole.


More information would be helpful...


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For coccidia I've seen some vets go with albon for 10 days and some for 14 days. I have had to retreat a couple of rescue pups that only had a 10 day treatment so I try to go for the full 14 days when we use albon. Recently, two of our vets have started going with Septra or Sulfatrim (sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim) twice daily for 7 days due to the coccidia becoming resistant to albon. Seems to be working so far....

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