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Dog Sitting/Dog Boarding people or places in Montreal, QC?

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I couldn't really decide what thread to put this in, nowhere seemed appropriate, sorry.


I realize this is a bit of a long shot but I'm wary of boarding my Aed at a kennel without being really sure of the place. I've worked at enough of them to realize that they're not always what they seem as far as treatment goes, and while Aed is generally well behaved he can definitely be a lot for someone without bc experience. I don't have any friends with dogs but I tend to trust the people here and there seem to be people from all over so maybe I can catch someone from the area's attention. If there's a place/person that you know handles border collies well then that would be fantastic. Not for any specific date, just for future knowledge. I think I'd prefer someone who boards dogs at their house to a big businessy kennel but I'm open to either if they seem worth it.

Fingers crossed. Hope everyone's doing well, happy holidays!

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That would be the same concern for us with our BC, they are "special" and require understanding of the breed. Maybe there should be some sort of babysitting data base for our border collies so they just don't get dumped in where ever. My next door neighbor has volunteered and she loves Gina dearly but she has no idea! Maybe when our pup is say a year old I might let her try a couple hours to see.

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