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Training a mostly deaf dog

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There's a lot on the internet about training a deaf dog, but I don't know which methods are best.


I have been asked to do some basic training with a 6 year old dog who is somewhat deaf.....not sure how much....but can hear things like clapping hands.


I have never trained a dog with limited hearing before so am seeking the best advice on websites that will teach me a bit, or tips if you have trained a hearing-impaired dog.


I want to know a bit about what is involved before I say yes to doing any work with this dog. She's a fine dog, just needs leash manners, sit, stay, recall and so on.




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You probably know the Amazing Aussies rescue group. They handle dogs that have hearing and sight issues. I know they have some good advice on working with hearing impaired dogs (http://www.amazingaussies.org/Welcome/hand-signs-for-deaf-dogs/). Alas the site was down when I tried to access a moment ago. It should come back up soon, I hope.

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