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Agility Equipment prices

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I am looking at purchasing a used A-frame and a used dogwalk from a local business. The equipment has been left outside in the weather, untreated, for about 3.5 years so the contact surfaces are completely rotten. The surfaces will all have to be replaced so it can live outside at my home which looks to be about $400 per piece plus $200 shipping so that is a total of $1000 to repair the stuff.


When it was purchased new I think each piece was about $1000. Has anyone purchased any used agility stuff and could recommend a price for me to offer? The business said for me to just make an offer, I don't think they know how much it is actually worth.




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Probably the best thing to do is see what new stuff is going for, inc ship to get it to you. Then you need to decide what the value is for not having new equipment and the repair costs, etc.


Here's just a few sites you can reference.





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A frames and dogwalks are usually between $300-$800, if you go for any sort of deal.


Here are some other places:






The first two links are the really high end ones, and those places don't usually sell anything for cheap. The other ones are more average prices.


I don't think that they would have been $1000 to start. You should be able to get them both pretty cheap because of their age and condition. If you can't get them for much cheaper then you could get brand new ones - it might even be worth it to just buy new.

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I'd look around as those prices seem high. My new a-frame was about $600, the DW was about $700, and the teeter was about $300. This is for new, competition quality contact equipment.


Perhaps ask the local clubs where they get their equipment? As for me, if the wood has to be replaced, and you have to pay for transportation of the frames, well, I wouldn't pay more than a couple of hundred for the whole thing.

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There's a fellow around here (BC) named Harold Smith. http://www.dog-equipment.com/agility.html


If you buy a bunch of things at a time, you can get better than list prices. What will kill you, though, is the shipping. We picked the equipment up ourselves, so didn't have to worry about it. For you, that would be a long drive!


He'll also make it to spec, so if you want a slatless DW, or shorter/longer contacts, no prob. He also makes really nice weave pole bases.

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