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Average Border Collie Size?

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Just curious as to what the size of an average Border Collie is?


Pictures and weight of your pup would be appreciated :-)


The few other ones that I met other than mine were all significantly smaller than both of mine.


Red-Merle Female 49lbs

Chocolate Male 58lbs


Other males I have met averaged about 40lbs, and females 35lbs.



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This has been discussed repeatedly in these forums.


If you're coming from a working border collie perspective, which these Boards are, there really is no standard for size or appearance or anything else except working ability.


A 25 lb. dog who works well is perfectly acceptable and desirable, as is a 60 lb. dog. There's a huge range among working border collies, much more than will be found among so-called border collies bred for conformation showing or even other dog sports.


That said, I think you're probably close in estimating an "average" for females to be around 30-35 lbs, and males around 35-40 lbs. But there are so many exceptions to those averages as to make them pretty loose at best.


BTW, there's a border collie rescue that routinely cites 35 lb. dogs of either sex as being "petite." It makes me twitch, it's so ill-infomed.

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Yep, what Gentle Lake said.


I've had:

1) purebred female, barely 20" tall and solidly built, 38-39 pounds.

2) purebred male, 20.75" tall and thin, 40-41 pounds

3) possible mix, but looks "real" , thin boned, female, 19.5" tall and 30 pounds

4) another possible mix, 8 mo old male, probably 20+ " tall and currently 35 pounds.


No tellin'!!


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I would say males can easily go to the mid 40 lb weight range. I have 7 working bred border collies right now, and most are smallish, around 30 lbs, give or take. My one male usually stays around 42-43 lbs at a fit weight. I have another male who hovers around 38 lbs. And then there's the youngster, who is already 42 lbs at 10 months. His sire and his sire's sire are big dogs and he apparently inherited those genetics. People who have or know his littermates say that most are not that big. But, I got the big boy. Still, as long as he lives up to those genetics workwise, I'll be happy. Of dogs past, I'd say all fell in the 30-40 lb range.



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What everyone else has said. ;) My 9 year old male is just shy of 50 pounds while my smallest 9 month old female is 30 pounds. I don't think she'll get much heavier, either, as her proportions are already pretty adult-seeming. I've seen BC females as small as 25 pounds and males as big as 60 pounds.

So, in the working lines, it's extremely variable. But mid--to-high40s for males and mid-30s for females seems a safe average.

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Five BCs so far, largest (male) is a fit 43-44#, smallest (also male) was a fit 29-30#


Six m/o pup is currently 28#. I expect her to gain another 5-7# by adulthood. So low to mid 30s.


It was interesting as I was recently talking with someone originally from Wales. She said that the many of the BCs that she sees here are light framed (in the 30-40# range) compared to the ones she grew up around in Wales.

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My smallest was a 28# female, very fit and trim. My personal largest was an also very fit and lean 48#. Both working dogs.


However, the largest I've personally known was a very lanky adolescent who hit 70# at a year old. He probably put on another couple, three pounds when he fully matured.


And I know he was purebred, as I was the breeder. 35# mother and the above 48# sire. None of the other pups were nearly that large, though a couple were ~50#. :rolleyes:

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Interesting that, unless the OP is reading posts without signing in, s/he's not been back to read any replies in this thread since the topic was started. :blink:


Maybe they knew I was going to ask the same question, and just saved me the time.

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I have had the honour of owning three border collies to date. They have all been powerful, muscular males. My border now is 60 pounds and is built solidly. There are leaner collies in the 30 - 50 pound range, but my vets have said nothing about his weight. He exercises intensely every day, does his homework with around 200 toys that he knows by name and does agility and running daily too.

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