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Thanks yall!


She will compete in AKC and USDAA, as that is all we have here. She isnt ready to compete yet but she was entered in that akc trial to get her on new equipment since we dont have fun matches here but hopefully sometime this year she will be ready. we are having fun =]

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Very , very good work i do think you are doing awesome Its very important to work on the Close work with most Bcs as distence work is easier for most BCs . and both Akc and USDAA requier close work and distant work , You are on your way .ware and with whom do you train .You have done awesome weave work awesome startline stayes your do g reads your turns very well . Looks like your dog and you have very good Foundation work I am enveious and your dog is not only fast itis acurate . does he/she loss any of the accuracy in trials , . hay have fun and Iam sure we will see you guys at the top!


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Wow Kristie! You and Hemi have grown so much! You guys kick some major butt together!


I don't even really care for agility but seeing you two put so much into it makes me want to do it! lol That is just awesome!


Keep it up! You two will be on the World Team in no time!



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