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I've also had (and have) dogs who love to swim regardless of how cold it is. And I've had to be the adult and pay attention to how cold the water is and how long they can stay in. If you bring the dog out and he's shivering from the cold water, it's definitely too cold to let him go back in. :rolleyes: That eye roll isn't for you, it's for the dumb-ass dogs who can't tell when it's too cold to come out of the water.


Anyway, I do let my dogs have some swimming time even when it's really cold. Just use common sense. If it's really, really cold, just limit it to a quick dip. If you're really not sure, call the dog in frequently to assess and make him stop even if he's not ready.


Just make sure you have a good recall that he'll obey. ;)

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Ha ha ha. Three out of my four Borders knew when it was too cold to swim. My crazy male, Logan, thinks any time is a good time to swim. One winter I wasn't paying close enough attention and he jumped in a stream with his coat on. We shortened the walk because of the ice hanging off the coat and his feathers!

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