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I hope this is not an inappropriate topic for this list.


After much consideration, I have decided to sell my entire field of agility equipment and focus solely on herding. Please contact me privately for prices and specifics.


I am in Western North Carolina.


Permission to cross post.


Michelle Bernard


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Sorry I didn't get back to you all sooner as I don't check this list from my home computer. I think all I have left is the A-Frame and dog walk. I don't have access to the photos here at work, but can send them privately tonight. Please write me at bern8787@bellsouth.net for photos or more information.


The dog walk is very nice. The up and down ramps are made from 2" thick boards (they were of reinforced 1", but the goats broke one of the ramps so I re-did it). The across piece is well-enforced as well. It is triple painted with a nonskid surface. It is a rock-solid piece of equipment. I want $300 for it.


The A-frame didn't come out so well, but it's perfectly servicable. I'd like $150 for it. It is triple painted with a nonskid surface.


There are no slats on either piece.


I have numerous issues of Clean Run that I'll sell for $5 each. I have a set of (I think) 20 numbered cones for $20.


The set of 2x2 weaves is still available for $60.


I have some miscellaneous jump-making PVC pieces, some four-way and five-way elbows, a couple of 10' long pieces of 1 and 1/2 or 1/4 (can't remember) PVC that I'd sell as a package for $40. I might have some left-over aluminum jump cups and PVC jump cups as well.


I have not received payment for anything so a sale may fall through so if you want to be on the back-up list for the constructed jumps, set of 12 steel-based weaves, tunnel and teeter write me privately.


I am near Hickory, NC.


Might I say how pleased I am to make the decision to let agility go and focus just on herding. I've been going back and forth in this decision for a long time and it's nice to have it resolved.



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