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Searching for a new pup...

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I up until recently had 2 border collies, i recently lost my soul mate of 15.5 years, and am looking to offer a great home and create a new relationship with a new fur.



We live a very active dog life. Everything we do is for the dogs, i even set up my living room to accommodate my special girly. We are an agility family, and i have A LOT of referances that will provide you comfort that your pup would go to the best home you could hope for.



I have loved, studied, and centered my life around this breed. Im very aware that they need both mental and physical stimulation, i teach and play all kinds of games, hide and seek, object recognition, amoung others.



Im looking for a sweet dog/companion that will see me as its person but social enough to get along in a pack in personality. Focussed, eager, driven when working, and loving when not. Speed but not off the walls is a bonus :0) I prefer stock/working lines as i believe the lines are much cleaner/less issues. I steer clear of conformation bred. I believe brains before beauty for this breed. My only cosmetic preferance is black and white rough coat. Or black and white medium coat. Due to our damp climate and sometimes cold (not as cold as where you are but still cold) i dont want smooth coat. I prefer a girl as ive never owned a boy, but would take a boy if it fits what im looking for. I do have two children and another border collie. My other border is a 5 year old fixed female adopted at 14 weeks from the spca. My old girl i recently lost i owned from 2 weeks old and was from David Murdoch // Keam farm - she was the last litter from keam kimmy x keam kedo. My children are raised with and respect the breed and are taught to respect the dogs comfort bubble. In my house the dogs always come first.



I have a very very close relationship with my vet, and frequently take my dogs in to ensure they are well and nip any issues that arrise immediately before it becomes a serious problem. I also have pet insurance to ensure that if somthing happens financially that i have coverage for them so they are always looked after. i feed my dogs only healthy good quality foods, i dont do grocery store or pet store poor quality foods. Its vet brand high quality always.



I really hope that you can help me find a new fur friend iether by recomendations to a breeder or through yourself. And i like to keep in touch / maintain a relationship with my breeder. My last breeder ive kept in touch with since i met them almost 16 years ago, however they moved and no longer breed. Im currently not working and wont be for min 6mo (hopefully longer deoending how my husbands business continues to grow) so i dont want to wait a year or more so i have time to raise and work with the new addition.



I have reached out to a few other breeders, only because im fresh on the market and am not sure whom is breeding and when puppies are due etc.


Any help to find pups on the ground is appreciated. I live in south west BC Canada.


Thank you in advance!

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Not sure who you are addressing this to.

You mention "cold like where you are" and seem to have written this as a letter to a breeder.


This is a public forum with members from all over the world. My suggestion to you is to contact Border Collie Rescue in your area or near your area and get a dog from there.

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Is there a particular reason why you want to buy a pup from a breeder? If you are not going to work your dogs on sheep, I would also recommend a reputable border collie rescue - which often gets in some awesome dogs - even pups.


You sound like a great dog owner, and it would be wonderful to know that a rescue dog found a super home. Since you are looking certain personality traits, if you adopted an older puppy or adolescent from a rescue, you could be more certain about personality traits. Also, many rescues will use foster homes, and that gives you a better idea of the personality of the dog rather than going to an animal shelter where the dogs are kept in kennels and can often display inappropriate behaviors.


One online source for dogs from working parentage is handlerspost.com which contains 'dogs for sale' listings from around the country. You should also research and contact a state or provincial herding group near you (if you don't want to transport) for contacts/breeders/classified listings.


One other thing I just want to throw out there -- I find that vets usually carry foods that are of LOWER quality than I can find in a high-end pet store, not a big box petstore like Petsmart or Petco (here in the States). Personally, I order my pet food from on-line companies for less than I can buy locally, and they have a much larger selection.


Good luck in your search.

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I'll 3rd or 4th the idea of looking into rescue.


And ditto on the crappy vet-sold foods. (Maybe some of the prescription diets for real medical conditions might make sense, but not the run of the mill everyday kibbles.) It was a vet who first clued me into what crap is sold in most vet practices. She at least had enough integrity not to carry it because she couldn't honestly recommend it and wouldn't feed it to her own animals.

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Ok, my knowledge of Canada is severely lacking! That said there are many reputable breeders up there.


Creekside Border Collies, Jamie Gardner in Sask., Dore River (Jen) or there's the Glen's..Dale Montgomery, the Sommer's, Christine Jobe..you've lots to choose from! Good luck!

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Too bad it isn't like that in the US...


It depends on the region. Some places actually import rescued dogs from other areas. Our local shelter is moving to "no-kill" simply because they haven't needed to euthanize a dog for lack of space in years. There are huge swaths of the country where this isn't the case, but I really like to think that as spay/neuter and adoption become more and more widely accepted by pet owners, pet overpopulation will be a thing of the past.

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