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I know this is not listed in the forum title,but I thought it fit the general performance catagory.


We have a 10 month old border collie who seems to have a lot of potential for performance events. We have looked into various options such as agility and flyball. I already do obedience and rally with her, but with other family activities and schedule it seems as if frisbee dog activities is a good fit for other activities.


Right now we are practicing our disc throwing skills. My son is the best and our bc does a good job catching and bringing the disc back. I am aware to limit jumping untill she is older.


The question is: What Frisbee/Disc dog organizations are availble? Are there organized competitions/titles to try? Where can I learn more about the rules and guidelines for the organizations.


Help from the knowledge and brain pool is appreciated.


Thanks for the help.


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