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Strange urination behaviour?

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If I am talking to someone for a while - whether over the garden fence or someone met on a walk - Ben will wait patiently for a while then come cross and urinate.

He doesn't actually urinate on me but close by. Is he marking me as his own should that person try to claim me? :unsure: What does it mean? Dominance? Insecurity? I've never had this in a dog before.

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My first Border Collie used to do the same thing. When we'd be at puppy class and I was talking to someone for a while he'd pee. Each time it got closer and closer to me. Then one day he did pee on my foot. I made such noise about it that he never did it again. Quit the entire behavior altogether. I have no clue what it was about.

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Ha ha..

This can happen just after a walk when he has peed for England so I do believe it is some sort of marking. Or his way of reminding me he's there! Plus he actually comes up to me to do it rather than go to one of his favourite spots. It's a bit embarrassing actually. I feel that it makes me look like a bad Mum who is neglecting him when he is desperate to toilet. I'm going to have to work on stopping it before it gets to the point when it's ON me rather than just BY me.

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