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I'm new at this so bear with me. I'm having trouble teaching Ben (my 6 month old BC) how to play fetch. He runs about 3 miles a day with me, but I would like to be able to play fetch with him when I can. However, he has never shown any interest in chasing after anything I throw. Instead he just looks at me like I'm stupid (I know their intelligent, but he doesn't have to be a smartass :rolleyes: . Also, my roommate has a full grown chesapeake bay retriever who will chase after tennis balls all day long. Rather than chase after the ball, Ben just chases after the other dog and nips at her body. I know that BC's have an instinct to herd, but how can I train him to play fetch and not chase the other dog?

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Don't try to play fetch w/ another dog there. Throw the ball and race Ben to it. To teach him to pick it up, put it in his mouth and reward him even if he barely holds it. Repeat. Make racing to the ball the game. Eventually, toss ball close and don't leave. You might have to met him there (let him get there first) and hand him the ball.


Not all dogs know how to fetch right away. Bringing it back to you is another process. Dropping it at your feet, still another.


I bet you can google online for teaching fetch and get other ideas too. What works for one dog may not work for another


Oh, and in the future, you're better off posting in the 'General' section as not many coming to this category.


Have fun!

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