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World Trial Under Way

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The 2017 World Trial has begun in the Netherlands. Today and tomorrow are the qualifying rounds. 3 fields, each handler gets 1 run. The top 7 from each day and each field will move onto the semi finals on Saturday.


There was a parade yesterday and opening ceremonies inviting 30 (I think) countries to the trial.


Many of us are individually posting photos, etc. You can also visit the Washington Association of Stockdog Handlers fb page for photos.


Here's a link to scores.



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Yep. held in my country of birth, and what is even more interesting for me personally, first time Icelandic handlers are taking part in such an International trial. I am really curious how those people and dogs will do in a field of top handlers from all over the world.

One of them I have met, Elisabet Gunnarsdóttir, went to a clinic she held. So obviously I am rooting for her ;)

To bad I can´t be there to watch it!

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Altough they didn't make the semi finals the Icelandic handlers did a great job imo.

Aðalstein and Frigg scored 118 points yesterday, elisabet and Panda ran today, scoring 136.

So as for cheering someone on, it is now plan b for me; the Dutchman Serge van der Zweep is a very srong contestant, and he is playing a home match!

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