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Dog sponsorships for the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals

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The Dog Sponsor page is up and running for the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals, thanks to a fantastic job by Maria Amodei, our Webmistress Extraordinaire!




The cost to sponsor a handler/dog team is $100, and there can be unlimited sponsorships for each team. A group can also sponsor a team (example, four people each contributing $25 can sponsor a team). If you don’t know a team to sponsor, we’ll choose one for you! Please fill out a separate form for each team that you wish to sponsor.

You can pay for each sponsorship via PayPal or by check, using the convenient links on the webpage. You can also easily access the current entries for both Open and Nursery with the links on the same page.
You may select whichever team you like, whether or not they have already entered. Should your chosen team not be able to enter or need to withdraw their entry, there is a place on the submission form for you can select for us to either select another team for you or give us the name of another handler/dog team as your backup choice.

Sponsors will be listed in our official event program and will be mentioned each time their team competes. Sponsors will receive an event pass, a sponsor button, and their choice of a 2017 Finals cap or t-shirt as “thank you” items. Details are provided on the submission page.

We will also be placing handler/dog sponsors’ names in a drawing to be held each day of the Finals and the one chosen each day will get their choice of either a 2017 Finals Poster done by Peggy Wilkinson or a set of notecards.

Any questions, email me at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com. And, as in years past, if anyone would like to help sponsor but is not able to provide a full sponsorship, I'd be happy to put you together with others who would like to do the same thing and make up a group sponsorship. Just email me about that.


Help celebrate the heritage of the working sheepdog as a partner of the North American farmer and rancher by supporting the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals. The Finals will operate as a 501©(3) and will benefit the ABCA’s Health and Education Foundation. The HEF’s mission is to support research into Border Collie genetics, diseases, disease prevention, and treatment; and to disseminate educational information regarding Border Collies, including their use and value as working stock dogs, and their genetics, diseases, and proper breeding. Your support, in excess of any material return to you (passes and cap or t-shirt, etc.) may be tax deductible.

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I've been asked if there is a deadline for sponsoring a Dog/Handler team at the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals. Sponsorships that are in and completed (check has been received or having been paid by Paypal) by September 5th can be included in the program, as well as announced whenever your team runs. Those submitted and paid after this date will still be just as valuable in supporting the Finals but will not be able to be printed in the program (we plan on an addendum page to acknowledge those that we receive in time for that).

You can access the Dog Sponsor page from any other page on the website - the link is found at the bottom of each page and also at the top of the site map page. Filling out the form is easy, and we try to keep the list of teams and sponsors updated on a daily basis (all thanks to Maria Amodei, our webmistress). Remember that there is no limit to the number of sponsors that any team can have.

Getting your sponsorship in early will help us plan financially as well as giving an ongoing show of support to your team in the months and weeks leading up to the Finals. We are so appreciative of the support that the National Finals receives from the sheepdog community each and every year. Sandy Payne and her volunteers are working hard to put on a Finals this year at Belle Grove that will set the bar high for years to come. We can't do it without your support!

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It's hump day, and I have to ask - have you made your 2017 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals Dog Sponsor submission yet? It's never been easier - go to the website; scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "site map"; at the top of the page that comes up, click on "dog sponsor". The next page will provide links to pay by Paypal, pay by check, view the list of teams sponsored so far, and view the entries received by USBCHA for Open and Nursery (entries are valid postmarked until August 1st so many teams have not yet sent in their entries but will be doing so). You can select any team you choose, whether or not they have sent in their entry yet, and a backup team should your first choice not enter or have to withdraw. This is a major way that everyone can help support the pinnacle of our sheepdog trials in the USA. Can't afford a $100 sponsorship? No problem! You can share one with a friend (or friends) or you can contact Sue Rayburn at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com, and I'll help to put you together with other like-minded folks to make up a sponsorship as a group. As a sponsor, you receive an event pass, sponsor button, choice of cap or t-shirt, and entry into a daily drawing during the five days of the trial for a copy of Peggy Wilkinson's gorgeous 2017 poster or note card bundle. Your sponsorship may be tax-deductible (minus the value of merchandise received). And, most important of all, you will be supporting the showcase of the working Border Collie!

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What does becoming a Dog Sponsor for the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals do?

Your sponsorship goes a long way towards helping financially support the showcase of the North American working sheepdog - without help from sponsors, putting on a world-class National Finals would simply not be possible.

Your sponsorship also gives your chosen team the knowledge that they have someone cheering just for them. That handler can be a mentor, friend, relative, companion, up-and-comer, or just someone whom you'd like to recognize. That dog can be a sire or dam or littermate of your dog, an outstanding dog that you love to watch work, or a game animal that has shown his/her grit on the trial field, the farm, and the ranch.

Your sponsorship, in short, supports the Finals and the competitors alike - and the dogs that we all love and depend on to help us manage our livestock, and that help make our lives whole in so many ways. You don't have livestock but do agility or another performance sport, or your dog is an active companion? The brains, the athleticism, the package that helps your dog excel at whatever you've chosen to do, whether it's high-level sport or high-trail hiking, sport for the fun of it or silly dog tricks that make you smile - the attributes that make your dog special are due to generations of breeding for the world's best stock dog. The 2017 National Sheepdog Finals are one of the ways that the best of the best prove themselves!

Please consider becoming a Dog Sponsor today!

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You can find an updated listing of entered handler/dog teams in both Open and Nursery classes at the USBCHA website, and access a lot of information you need from this page -


And on the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals website, you can access our listing of sponsored teams (Paypal teams are listed within a day or two of submission while pay-by-check teams are listed after their checks are received and the webmistress and I are notified of that), along with the links to sponsor (with payment by Paypal or check) and links to the Open and Nursery entries, from this page -


One update (thanks to our webmistress, Maria Amodei) is that there is a tab at the top of the home page that will take you to the Dog Sponsors page, making it easier to access that page along with the other informational pages on the beautiful website that Maria has created.

Sponsors are making their submissions and there are still many wonderful teams without sponsors so far. And, if your favorite team is already sponsored, remember that any team may have multiple sponsors. Group sponsorships are also welcome, and all are appreciated!

Sue Rayburn

Dog Sponsor Coordinator

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It's not too late but it will be in just a few hours -


As we get down the wire for the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Finals by becoming a Dog Sponsor. Thanks to you, we have gotten 410 sponsorships, every team has one or more sponsors (including the next nine teams on the Wait List), and the Finals has received a good amount of financial backing to help put on a quality trial in a fabulous venue.

Later today, the option to sponsor a team will be taken down from the website as we will not be in a position to keep that part of the website updated.

I'd like to express my thanks at this time to our webmistress, Maria Amodei, who has put in countless hours (in addition to living a very full life with many other responsibilities) to keep a vibrant, helpful, beautiful website up to date with information about the trial, merchandise, sponsoring, etc.

Sue Rayburn

Dog Sponsor Coordinator

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