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now i did a video w/o commands of jake and joe bringing two. this video interesting because you can readily see the difference between a flankier dog and a line type dog. Shall I post it?

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yeah ok, so here it is- i could whistle jake to line him out but again when i film something like this it is only for my own education or to share with friends. Jake btw is a tremendous dog with alot of reach. I guess people will tell you that the outrun being so good and with that reach is bred in. Joe btw is a kelpie. But you can see, if you watch closely Joe just moves in. And at the end- is a Wall- which I love. But Jake is flanking more and uses movement at the end, this i do not like as well as the walk in line of joe. I say Joe- comebye when I meant Jake. Anyway- mission acomplished without any biting. But now at SOME point I will try to get a film of Tick in a tough situation that I would not use Jake and Joe in. I have one film of him but it is not very good. I guess I can put it on here too. (BTW Watkinson Cuppa Joe RLF the kelpie bred by Karen Watkinson, Moose Jaw SK. Sqiud/Trigger)





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ok so now this is kinda an example when i would use Tickman. It is not a great video but at some point I will get a good video and add it on here.

So I sent Jake and joe up this mt. maybe 600 700 yds from me.


Horned range cattle. Cattle that on a daily basis are living and dealing with big predators. This means they know how to fight.

I dog break my calves with good dogs. Make them feel home is a good place so I don't have much trouble, However when I get new cattle or I am moving someone else's cattle I may run into a situation where cattle say no. They were in the brush on a hot day and bull and some tougher cows, heifers in heat and they all said Nope we are not moving.

They fought Jake and Joe.


I could tell this because Jake came back and peered down the ridge at me below him, 'We need some help.' was what he was saying.


Sadly I had to walk up mt with Tick. This was because I had to sell my horse and my two other horses a bit green for this.


So I have to work Tick where I can see him. Joe and Jake of course can work out of my sight.


Tick had been allowed to drift back around them and as you can see the cattle move Very readily for Tick. BUT I have to really control him. And after the cattle are moving well I call him off. I do not show this but then Jake and Joe do the rest of the journey down the MT and Tick stays behind me, as his job is done.


A dog like Tick can be VERY useful in some circumstances on some situations on some kinds of cattle.


However you have to be able to see him and stop him. My 2 cents worth.




Many people want a dog like Tickman- Few people really need one. Good stockmanship is critical in managing livestock. Tick is in a unique situation. I use him maybe 6 to ten times per year when I am asked to do something 'special' most of the time Jake and Joe suffice if cattle have been well handled. As I have said before. My own cattle a good sheepdog can move, this is because they are broken in by firm but fair dogs and not mishandled. I rely on my cattle's desire to come home in bad situations such as in fire season.


btw- very smoky here due to wildfires in BC so i am inside.

btw the bark was joe behind me a ways

one other thing- this type of stuff is very hard to film as you don't want to get hurt yourself or get your dog hurt because you are busy filming. so i have trouble getting things on film. often i am alone.

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Thanks Tea. I like how well joey and Jake respond to their names plus command.

I understand the trouble filming and working dogs at the same time, as a guy I cant do it at all, that kind of double tasking (more multiple tasking , having to watch stock and dog while keeping my lefts and rights sorted... :) ) is beyond me.

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