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Dazzle's 1st trial - a quick sum up

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Dazzle?s first REAL brag!


She had a great first trial! She was happy and upbeat (although sometimes a little to much) for the whole three days. I went in knowing nothing about how she would act ? but now I know so much more. When to get her out, how much to warm her up, how to keep her happy while she waits, and how she acts at a trial. She had a good amount of really good runs. She got a lot of complements and pets, and treats from everyone! She did just as well as I had hoped she would ? plus more! I was very happy with her, and she was pretty happy too! :rolleyes:


For all you agility people, a basic summery to save time:


To start off the trial this is what we had this:

First run, a Qualifying ? CLEAN and a 1st place. (jumpers)

(but due to a judge mess-up, no scoring on this run so no ribbons ? but we had a time and video)

Second run, a Qualifying ? CLEAN and a 1st place. (tunnelers)

Third run, a Qualifying ? 5 faults and a 3rd place. (standard course ? she knocked one bar)


Some other highlight runs:

Qualifying ? CLEAN and a 1st place (regular again)

Qualifying ? CLEAN and a 1st place (jumpers)

Qualifying ? CLEAN and a 1st place (tunnelers)


The total was 6 qualifying scores and four 1st places. On any run that she got a clean run ? she got a first place! (and by a nice amount too). On runs that she didn?t even qualify in ? she STILL placed in the top 4 because of her speed! :D


Tired puppy with all her ribbons:




And I have to brag for little shih-tzu Peanut too. She HATES the teeter totter and shuts down if she so much as sees it. I have done a lot of work with her and she has come such a long way so I entered her in 2 jumpers runs. On the first one, she was a bit slow but got a first place! Then on the second one ? she made time with ZERO faults! And another first place! She was so happy when she did her runs, and that is a big thing for her. So, here is her award picture too:




Todd Coon (?Infinite Exposures?) got some great pictures of both dogs on the courses that I got. As most of you from around here know, Argus Ranch is one of the worst places to take pictures :D so I don?t have any from the trial. But we do have video!


All around, a great weekend!

We had a ton of fun at can?t wait for our next trial?


Oh yeah, and I will see about posting the video of her runs in a few days.

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Hey - BIG congratulations, especially to Dazzle, but also for Peanut. What a great start for Dazzle.


Sounds like my Kirra - if we run clean (a BIG if), we'll usually place first, at least down here. My trouble is that she's so fast, we'll more often than not DQ for an off-course - either because I haven't even seen something as a trap - or because my steering wasn't quick and precise enough. It's all good fun, though.

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Kat, congratulations to Dazzle and Peanut (and to you, too) for the success at the agility trial! I was wandering how they did, now I'm glad you posted the update.

Poor exhausted pup, what a great girl she is! Can't wait to see the video of her!


Now you can breath and relax :rolleyes:



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Congrats Kat! :rolleyes: Congrats Dazzle and Peanut too! :D Yay!

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GREAT job Kat,Dazzle, and Peanut!!! I knew from watching Dazzles videos that she was gonna sail thru her first trial!! It sure is nice to have a dog thoroughly ready their first time! Kudos to you and your training - it shows!


I know the feeling of waiting for your next trial.........we will be in Elma on the 8-9th of this month - an AKC - - then the Puyallup fairgrounds in January - a 4-day of which we will be doing 2 - - another AKC - - the more the better!


Enjoy your snow! You really got hit up there - we are getting it down here now - - ROZ is fascinated!!! Her first snowfall! :rolleyes:

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Congrats!! I don't know much about it all but that looks like a huuuuge pile of awards! :eek:

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