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I can see how having pets can be seen as a threat to an entrenched polital system--owning animals forces us to think of the other, and to see things from a radically different point of view & thereby change us in fundimental ways.


To put it in a lighter note--I've lived with dogs long enough to feel the urge to chase at the sight of a leaping squirrel.

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Good point, Islanddog. I was wondering, after reading the article, why that regime is so opposed to people owning pets. The only thing I could think of is that having companion animals is proven to have the effect of making people calmer and happier, and people who are calm and happy are harder to control than people who are frightened.


I know that I can come home from a hard day of dealing with difficult people and stressful situations and within minutes my dogs will have me calmed down and thinking that none of it really matters all that much, after all.

Sometimes when I am feeling really bad emotionally, just taking the dogs for a walk helps. Their immense joy at the most simple thing, their skill at living only in the moment, is my salvation.


Animals have always been my greatest teachers.

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