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Review of our online contacts class

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Jovi, her advice was not, not to teach a stop first, but to finish training the running before introducing the stop if he already stopped that would have been fine, basically don't do them at the same time. I had started introducing the seesaw before starting the course, my youngster is a late developer and I wanted to be sure his growth plates were closed before I started on the seesaw but he we had not progressed beyond him running over it with a slight tip.

I have seen a couple of dogs in the group struggle to transition away from 2o2o, my youngster who has only ever been taught the position and had briefly been introduced to it on equipment defaulted to a 2o2o when he was confused by what was wanted.

I think if I do end up with a stopped position after all this training it will be solid as he really understands run to the end of the board and I suspect will transition quickly.

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One of the most consistent performers in the country with BCs, cockers and a Malinois teaches both RCs and 2o2o at the same time as separate exercises.

I am sure it is possible but I suspect like all things it depends on the skill of the trainer, the dogs learning style and if the equipment is in your garden. I personally feel there is a limit to what I can teach successfully and thoroughly without overloading my young man, by the time I get to my next dog I might be up for teaching more skills at the same time! He is currently learning RCs, handling and we started on weave poles last week. I go to my club early most weekday mornings and I am there for about 30 minutes, working with both my dogs, young one does some contact training and short sequences working on his skills and the older one is just polishing his skills and mine. At home we do two quick sessions on 2x2s.

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I have started to audit Anne's foundation course and look forward to learning a new game. How do you feel your dog's understanding has evolved?

Sorry I haven't been on the boards for awhile, Fen started knowing nothing about running contacts and he had never been on equipment, the only thing he had was an understanding of the 2o2o position so his learning curve has been huge. He is a thinking dog and so this technique is working very well for him.

We are now into the second class and his learning continues well, he is getting faster as he gets confidence, and maintains an understanding of the criteria most of the time.

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