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I take Gibbs to our community center a few times a week for his morning walk. Today, there were a couple fire trucks and several firefighters there, doing drills w/equipment.


On our way back to the car, the firefighters were packing up. I took the opportunity to have Gibbs practice his 'check it out' cue, as there were a LOT of things that he probably hadn't seen before.


Turnout coats on top of boots - no problem.

Tall man w/deep voice picking rolling hose up - a little cautious.

Rumbling diesel engines - no problem.


Etc. He did well, the firefighters were glad to help me 'train' him and asked a few questions about border collies. I'm gonna have to get a phone w/a better camera.


Ruth and Gibbs

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Thanks, all. Gibbs is one of those dogs who is much more comfortable with women than with men, and that may have factored into his very mild distress. And anything that was just sitting on the ground without a fireman around was just fine with him!


Ruth & Gibbs

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