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Oak mites

Tommy Coyote

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I hadn't ever heard of these little buggers until last fall. They are teeny tiny little mites that normally live in oak trees and feed on galls.


They are so small the wind can carry them for miles and they can blow right through screens. And they bite humans and pets.


It is a really itchy bite and can also have a fluid filled center. And there isn't anything you can do but put anti itch cream on and wait it out.

So if your pets are itching and there isn't any flea dirt or fleas it might be oak mites.


Normally they are a problem in late summer before it freezes but they are around now because if the warm winter.

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According to that article they were first reported in Kansas in 2004 and have already spread to several Midwest states - Illinois and Nebraska to Texas.


I have two giant shingle oaks in my front yard and the whole neighborhood is full of shingle oaks. But it sounds like the big problem are pin oaks.


They have already been reported here in KCMO and in Kansas this year. I saw a picture and they can cause these great big red welts. Best thing to do is keep covered up when outside.

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