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Transport dog crate for air travel

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We are taking Pivo to Spain (the Basque Country, actually) this summer, and we are struggling with the luggage/crate travel issue. We are a family of three: me, husband, and five-year old. We are living in an apartment in the Old Town of San Sebastian and will do this every summer (meaning, this is not a one-time issue). This is the first year of taking Pivo.


I'm good on air travel and the planning/documents (though any input is welcome). My concern is transporting his crate from baggage to the rental car at the airport and, even more importantly, getting his crate to and from our apartment to the rental car (which will be a 10 minute walk away at least). I've thought about getting one of these:




We are also debating about one large and one small spinner suitcase and just three small spinner suitcases. I am concerned about packing and traveling with the hand cart.


For those of you who have travelled abroad with dogs, how has the process gone. Is there an element to this I am missing?


Thanks in advance!



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If Canada to the US counts, then we were international! :D


Worse case scenario, you check the furniture mover as another check in bag.




One more question. When you strapped the furniture mover on the crate, did you fly domestic or international? That seems like a silly detail, but my understanding is the international folks are pickier.


Thanks again!

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