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How many tricks are out there? Could you throw some at me?

Also, when trick training how long can you go before a BC loses interest or stops trying to concentrate. I'd love to teach my highly intelligent BC to pick up his toys and carry things to other members of the family... any ideas?

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If you do a search there are lots of lists of tricks that can be taught in another post on the board


My Lab/GSD/BC mix knows...





Roll Over

Die (I say bang and he drops on his side)


high five

high ten

sit up


wave bye bye

hold a treat on his nose, and catch it from there

go get certain toys by name, only some of them though

Hmm.. I swear he knows more.. but I cant think of it...


My new BC pup, in only 3 weeks! ;D knows..




wait(for doors, gates and play)

long ditance down

Come (but I am changing that to "Here")


high five




Those are some standard ones. Check out the Skidboot Post int eh general disscussion. That dog knew TONS of tricks!

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There's a great trick book that saved our sanity the first winter we had Samantha. We got her at age 2 in April, and the following winter was an El Nino, it rained hard for nearly 90 days in a row. Trick training got us through it!


The book is Idiot's Guide to Fun and Tricks with Your Dog, by Sarah Hodgson. Since I was brand new to border collies, and hadn't had a young, active dog in about 16 yrs at that point, I needed the help. I still drag it out every now and then to get a refresher.


Good luck!


Ruth n the BC3

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