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Another Evanger's dog food recall for pentobarbital.

Tommy Coyote

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The numbers do not work out for contaminated meat being the source of the pentobarbital in the dog food.


Euthanasia dose for dogs or livestock is >85mg/kg body weight. The drug quickly becomes evenly distributed throughout the body (based upon some reports from reliable sources). This means 1kg of contaminated meat would contain ca. 85mg pentobarbital. The dog would need to consume its body weight in the contaminated meat found in the pet food in order for it to be lethal; in order for the dog to get 85mg/kg of pentobarbital.


We're still not getting all of the information; some key fact (how dogs are getting near lethal doses from a normal portion of pet food) is still not known or being released to the public. What is clear; there is an issue at the manufacturing plant either during production or in ingredient source(s). Using euthanized animals for meat does not provide enough pentobarbital in a normal serving of pet food.

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