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Need advice on a young dog starting to mark in the house

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I need some advice from some experienced multi dog households. So far we have been very lucky with our young dog who is now 13 months and entire, he was house trained by 3 months and until yesterday had not peed in the house.

We have a spayed female staying with us for 12 days and are a week in. Yesterday he peed close to her food bowl, in front of me, and this evening he marked in the living room also close to me. Both times it was more of a full pee than a male marking, but I am sure it is marking.

This is a bitch who visits us regularly and we walk with, she is snippy dog, and my youngster is wary of her, I never let any thing escalate and on the surface all is good but I know she makes him uncomfortable.

So how do I handle this, I have no clue, having not experienced this before, I am not looking to neuter my youngster.

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Some people have pretty good luck using belly bands for males. If they make the connection, they don't like the damp feeling from the retained urine.


Otherwise, I think the only solution is to watch him like a hawk, catch him in the act, reprimand him and then take him outside immediately just as you would in any house training situation. ;)

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Risk's balls are on borrowed time. Yesterday he ran right across the exercise area to say a quick Hi to a dog that had just done a pee and mark over it.


He can usually be interrupted when thinking about marking in the house though. He hasn't even got a resident bitch as an excuse.

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