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HELP!!! with potty training

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I recently, brought home an ABSOULUTLY amazing BC/Aussie. she has more of the BC personality, and she is SO SMART!!! I AM LOVING IT! her training is going well. except for her potty trainging. she goes on her piddle pads. not on the carpet, but on the pads ONLY! she WILL NOT eliminate outside, what so ever. I have tried everything I can Think of to get of to go outside, I brought a clean piddle pad, a dirty one, and put it on the grass, i brought out just some of her poo and but it on the grass, I have stayed outthere for 2 hours just walking around and waiting. SOMETIMES she looks like she is about to go, then she looks at me and stops, then!!! as soon as we get inside! she walks to the piddle pad and goes. I AM SO LOST! Shelby is so good with everything else!!


EXPECT, I can't get her to stop trying to herd my 2 cats, the kitten and her play together great, but its non stop, and when I tell her the command enough, it doesn't stop her I end up having to put her in her crate for a half an hour to get her mind off the cats.


all help if openly welcome!! :eek:

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You've done an excellent job of training her to go on her piddle pad! My advice is to remove the piddle pad entirely. By now you should know how often she pees and she probably has a consistent poo schedule (esp if you are not free feeding her) and should anticipate when she has to go. Praise like crazy & treat for the grass.


Also going forward, have her go on and off leash & on grass, tan bark, dirt, asphalt, whereever. You'll never know when you might need her to go on not grass (esp if traveling) and she obviously has a perpensity to go on exactly the surface you ask.


You can also teach her the command to 'potty' by saying as she squats everytime. Eventually she'll associate.


After you ask her to 'enough' w/ the cats, you can always clip her on a leash with you that way you can reinforce 'enough' easily (ah-ah corrections) without only removing her from the situation (ie. crate). I don't think that actually teaches her 'enough'.


You can also teach 'enough' without the cats by ending every game of fetch, etc with 'enough' and walking away from the game. That's how I taught my BC 'all done' which works for EVERYTHING.


Good Luck!

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THANK YOU! I removed the piddle pad. then she just went on the carpet when I wasn't looking..... LOL heard the sounds found her in the act and took her outside where she promptly finished!!!!. Then off to the woods for a hike where she decided that mommy looked like a tree to pee on :eek: but she has learned FINALLY that the outside is the place to potty! still made some mistakes this morning when I didn't get her outside fast enough. but no elimination in the crate!

THANK YOU, my little girl is learning!

now just to work on the cats!

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