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need help with accidents

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I recently adopted a five year old male BC from a friend and he is having accidents. The first two days, he had accidents of both sorts INSIDE his kennel/crate/cage/whatever. Then, he was fine until today he has had three more accidents. He was punished for the first one before I read not to (I still feel terrible about it). Since then, he has not been punished. I am completely out of ideas to fix this behavior, HELP!

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Welcome and congratulations for taking in a rescue. Just to let you know that your boy despite being 5 yrs old and quite possibly well housebroken has been through alot of stressful things over the past few months. It is very normal for a recently re-homed dog to go through a period where he has accidents in the house or in his crate. This will go away as he becomes more relaxed in his new environment. I have a couple of suggestions/questions. First how long is he crated during the day? That said I would check to see if he perhaps has a UTI that causes him to need to go frequently. Is it possible that when he goes in the house that you are missing his signals asking to go out? It is also possible that he doesnt understand that he needs to go out and potty and how to tell you. If he is wetting in his crate while you are at work or overnight I would limit his water intake an hour prior to your departure or before bedtime to help him. Some dogs have poor bladder control and you might want to look into that too, this can be helped with medication. If you adopted him from a rescue vs. a shelter I would contact the foster home and talk to them, they may be able to give you some insight on his behavior

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thanks for the help. He appears to have settled down some now, he has gone an entire week with no accidents. He is crated no more than seven hours a day (while I am at school and my parents at work). This was not a problem with the previous owners(he wasn't rescued, he was just being nippy with the 1 year old human there, he's nipped at me on occasion). Veterinary records site nothing of a bladder problem. We believe we have the problem fixed(my mom was coming home during her lunch period, after which he was active for a few hours which is the time frame all accidents have occured. Since she has stopped coming home, the accidents have stopped

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