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RIP Jean ABC 248219 2/17/2004 - 3/11/2017

It's hard to say goodbye to such a grand dog. No, she wasn't the strongest, most powerful dog on the field. Was she brave? She learned to be. She learned to trust that her partner had her back, so she stepped up. She was my go-to girl if I needed a gentle touch, a clean flank, steady, calm pressure. A listener, a willing partner, ready to go all day long. In her later years, she became a teacher of a novice handler. "This is where you see balance, Donna". "This is what a flank should look like". "Don't worry, I've got the gather". Impatient and snarky with overbearing pups or overeager wannabe dog friends, she was bombproof with children and people. She was my walking buddy at the Women's March in Ashland this past January, where she comforted a crying toddler, much to the relief of the child's harried father. She gave me the gift of her son, Roy. Our years together will never be forgotten.

I'll miss you, my Good Old Girl. Run free, Jeanie Beanie, my sweet Pipsqueak, Little Squeaker. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.


Photo credit Morgen Magnusson

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You found so wonderful words for your lovely Jean. I wish you much power to overwind this great loss. She must have been a wonderful dog. I am with you in my thoughts, amc.

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What a beautiful dog Jean was, both inside and out. It's clear she blessed your life and the lives of others in many ways. Maybe the worst thing about a dog like this is that when they go, they leave a hole so big it feels like half the world is missing. I am awfully glad you have Roy and so many good memories. Thank you for honoring her with your words. -- Dawn

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