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Obedience training, mostly. And I understand that not all of them are free, I have nothing against that, I just wondered whether you may know of any which are, since I can't ask my parents to pay a dog training course for me.

I watch kikopup's videos on Youtube and love them :P

Thanks again :)

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I would second the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy. Really great teachers, positive reinforcement, and so many cool courses available.

I'm currently taking Rally Skillbuilding at Gold and a handful of courses at bronze. It really is awesome!

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While they aren't free, I can 3rd the Fenzi courses. I just took the Recalls class recently and it was TONS of material that I can work through throughout the year (you get access to the course material for a year). I'm thinking about taking the Parkour course at the bronze level ($65) this spring.


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