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question re: tending

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That is one of my good bitches. I would not consider her overly courageous- she is brave- there is this- The corriente are wise and if a dog is powerful but diplomatic they move very easily. However if a dog is weak he will be CHASED off and I mean chased. They know as all cattle kinda do.

That being said, that bull, when older, took a stand near a fence where some young heifers were standing and I mean Took A Stand. (Read Between the Lines- Took a Stand next to a fenceline.)


I moved him with the toughest dog I have, Blood Sucking Fly Man who, like the Marines, is sent in when there is not another way. Tho, Tick (BSFM) Had to be Trained to be diplomatic because if you get something pissed it is harder to move. And since these cattle know how to fight, best to work with them, ya know? That time there was no other way, other than rope and drag. I had recently broken my right wrist, Pete was in Town.


of course- Horses for Courses

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if you get something pissed it is harder to move.


Very true. My Bonnie before she started going deaf was that way with ewes with babies. She could take any ewe where ever needed so deftly that ewe never faced her once.


But I also had an idiot ram, where no diplomacy ever worked. The idiot put up a fight every time, and was beat every time and every time he tried to stand up to her. I got rid of him quickly, since I can’t abide idiots. I try to train both dogs and sheep that all is well in the world as soon as you move off the dog.

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I've often wonder about using sheep/goats for grazing ski slopes in the summer

I'm sure it's common in Europe but I've wondered how common in North America


John Wentz in Portage WI grazes his sheep on a ski area in the summer. Saves them money and is more environmentally friendly than using herbicide or mowing.

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Here's a link to a short clip of a German Shepherd and a German Tiger dog in a tending contest. This is typical of the type of work tending dogs are used for in Germany:



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