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Hello, all!! Haven't been around in a while - life . . . you know how it is!!

But the dogs and I have been busy!


Tessa and I have worked our way all the way up to Level 4 Grand Champion track in All Dogs Parkour!!! :) This has become quite the challenge for us now because 4 Advanced level exercises are required in each entry, and Tessa only has 3 of them really solidly. And when we get to Level 5, we will need 5 Advanced exercises per entry. We have spent much of our winter working on others. I love that it has become difficult and we have to work at it. It is extremely fun tackling a challenge in a discipline for which Tessa has a very strong natural love. I think we are enjoying it even more than Agility right now!!


Tessa's most recent ADP Entry:



I also submitted for her IDPKA Championship and we earned that!! :)


Bandit has also joined in the Parkour fun. We did a really fun Christmas themed entry for his Level 1 at home (that is an allowed location). He has now earned his Level 1 and Level 2 ADP titles. I am eager to go back outside with him this spring to see what we can do "out there".


Bandit's Christmas Themed ADP Entry:


Bandit's focus is more Freestyle right now. We are getting ready to try for our Level 1 Title in WCFO at the end of April, and I am planning to put together a DCD Challenge entry for him for March! I think we are starting to mesh as a Freestyle team.


Some recent Doodling:




And Dean has not been left out. He is going through All Dogs Parkour in the Special Division. He earned his first Q in Level 4 in a cool entry that we did with Agility equipment at the training building. The rule in ADP is that if you use Agility equipment, you cannot use it the way it is normally used in Agility, so we got to be very creative with the different pieces of equipment. Dean was so happy to have a chance to play with Agility equipment again! :)


Dean's Agility Equipment ADP Entry:



Our big news is that we have a new addition. But . . . . not a Border Collie!! He's a Beagle/Terrier mix. I never would have chosen such a dog, but he seems to be a perfect fit for us right now. I almost hit him on the road coming home from church on New Year's Eve!! His only ID was a rabies tag, so we had to wait until the following Monday to get in touch with the vets office to find his owner. By that time we liked him . . . . a lot.

We were shocked when we got hold of the owner and the man asked my husband, "do you want him?" The owners run a really nice farm. They had the dog housed in a shed on the property, and he had a hole through which he ran in and out to do whatever he pleased. He kept running off. They tried tethering him, but "he didn't like it". (Well, no . . .) They were afraid he would get hit by a car, and they didn't want that, so they asked if we wanted him.


He had really bonded with my husband, and we had been talking about a 4th dog for a while (although, we were thinking Border Collie or Border Collie mix!!), so we officially purchased him for a nominal fee, and he's ours. We named him Rocky.


Bandit had a bit of difficulty adjusting to him, but he worked through it, and all is good now.


My husband, who has been home due to elbow surgery, has been taking him to basic class, so I get to work with Rocky on all of the really fun stuff while Ben teaches him to sit, down, come, walk on a loose leash, etc. That is a really nice arrangement for both of us!!


A sampler of fun-stuff with Rocky:



I don't know what all we will do with him sport-wise, but he is a natural Parkour dog and I have already starting working with him on some of that!!!!


So . . . . life!! :)

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