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11 year old border collie escaping the yard

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I have done everything humanly possible to stop my 11 year old bc to escape the yard. Every time I think I've found out how she gets out, and fix it, she goes and finds another way! It's driving me crazy to the point where I've contemplated re-homing her (albeit briefly contemplated)

We are lucky that we have a huge outside space spanning all around the house. The yard (for want of a better word) is gated and we have replaced the gate three times (an expensive thing to replace) and we still haven't been able to stop her from escaping that way. Our present gate is wooden, 10ft wide and 6ft tall. (I know bc can easily jump this height but leading up to the gate is an upward incline that adds up to 2ft to the height of the gate hence us thinking it would be impossible for her to jump. We were wrong!)

Reason for this post..... Please can anyone suggest something I can fit onto the top of the gate that will make it impossible to jump.


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Coyote rollers are what they are commonly called. You can google for DIY instructions.


Also search online for 'cat proof fence'. You basically use netting/floppy type fencing that is staked at in inward (to your yard) incline. So the animal gets to the top and has to basically climb upside down to get up and over the fencing. Which is impossible/very difficult for a cat and dogs to do. Almost like putting a 'roof' on the gate.

Here is a quick link...



I would question though, if you make the gate impossible to climb over, can't she just climb another part of your fence? You would have to do the entire yard, unless I am picturing the problem incorrectly.

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I hadn't realised, is this website American based? I live in the uk and both your suggestions, TXmom and waffles', are great but I'm not so sure the products are available over here. I will look for something similar though and they have given me ideas to go by. The coyote rollers aren't available here because I came across them during a desperate google search before when thinking of changing the gate to no 3 and can't for the life of me find a website that sells them here. Coyotes aren't a problem in the uk, thankfully, so I'm guessing not much call for the rollers!

Waffles yes you are right, if I make the gate impossible to climb she most definitely will climb or find another way out! Our garden is enclosed with a 4ft stone wall all the way round. Half of it is topped with a high wooden fence ( which I am positive she can't jump/climb over) A quarter is the same but it has a lethal drop on the other side of it into a field of about 12ft. The last quarter of the fencing is chicken wire topped with barbed wire, and this has been the way she escaped in the past but I made a make shift barrier to stop her from getting to it so now she jumps the seemingly impossible gate no 3!!


I am at my wits end! It's a trait that I know she will never grow out of and it's nearing lambing season over here now, I am surrounded by farmland, so the urge to go is stronger than usual!! Complete nightmare!

Thanks to you both.

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Just wondering, are you leaving her outside in the yard by herself? Or are you out there with her when she escapes? If she is out by herself, the solution would be never to leave her outside alone.


If she does it when you are with her, then what about taking her out on a long lead for her outdoor time.


Another thing is that you don't mention what else is going on with that dog. Perhaps she is bored? Does she have enough to do during the days? Maybe if you spend a certain amount of time every day doing active things with her she will be too tired out to want to venture out of the yard.


Without knowing more about your situation I don't know if any of these things are useful ideas.

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You don't need to buy either of the expensive products listed. DIY (do it yourself) coyote rollers can be made from PVC pipes bought at the hardware store. Same with the 'cat proof fence', you can search online for what others have done to save yourself a lot of money. Fencing and long brackets can also be purchased at hardware stores.


Some dogs despite enough mental and physical exercise, still enjoy climbing fences and running off. I would definitely think though, about what else you can do to keep her occupied during the day (walks, hikes, swimming, trick training, fetch, stuffed kongs, etc) that will lesson the desire to run off. It may also be necessary to just always be out with her or have her on a cable run for her own safety.

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Do remember that if you find it necessary to have her on a cable run or other form of tie-out, that she *can not* access the fence (or anything similar) that she might try to climb and hang herself. Someone I knew tied a dog in a closed horse stall and the tie was just long enough (the owner did not realize this) that the dog was able to scale the stall door and hung himself in the process.


I'd agree with those who would advise that a dog is not left outside in a yard by him/herself. Too many things can go wrong.


Best wishes!

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