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It's been a long while since I've been on here.


I've moved and Comet has fleas fo the first time. What would be the best meds to keep him flea free? I feel so bad for him right now.


I did give him a Dawn bath, that helped for like one day. I know I need to do something in the house. But taking him out is another story. Stray cats, raccoons, and all keeps the flea population going outside.

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You can try diatomaceous earth, too. Be warned that both the baking soda/salt and the DE are very drying to the skin, eyes, etc. Wear a mask.


And the DE can clog vacuums, wouldn't be surprised if the baking soda does the same thing. You have to empty quite a bit and you may go through a few bags, if you don't have a bagless vac.


Good luck -


Ruth and Gibbs

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You will need to treat the dog and the house. Otherwise they keep coming back. Read up on the life cycle of the flea.


I personally use Advantage on my dogs spring-fall and stop in the winter. For a dog who has fleas, you will probably need to treat him more than once. If you are not comfortable using a room spray, you can just vacuum your entire house daily, empty the canister in the garbage outside. Wash all bedding that you can fit in your washer each week. I wouldn't use baking soda on the carpets as I would think it would ruin the filters. I have used borax when some mice came into a back room and brought fleas onto the cats. It is less flour-like than baking soda and it was fine in the vacuum.


I have never had any luck with any natural product in regards to ridding an animal of fleas. To prevent them maybe, but once the pet has fleas, no natural remedy has ever worked for me. I know some people are not comfortable with topical treatments.


You can also call your vet to see what products are working best in your area.

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I used to use Frontline Plus, but it became ineffective. I now use Nexgard, which is the monthly version of Bravecto. I have three BCs, and they actually gulp down the Nexgard and come back looking for another, so it is palatable for them. Two of mine have no trouble with the dose, but one, who has a sensitive gut after a poisoning incident when he was a puppy, has a day or two of mild diarrhoea afterwards, but no other difficulties.

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Because of ivermectin sensitivity, I don't give Heartguard and I've been using Sentinel Spectrum for heartworm. As it turns out, it's also good for fleas.

I also use a little bit of apple cider vinegar (the cloudy one) in their water and I use essential oils mixture of rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, and citronella mixed into a cup of water. I spray this on them every day before we go to the fields.

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