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New puppy

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Well it's done, I bought a puppy.

A first for me in the sense that this is a registered pup with ISDS papers. Maybe interesting to know both parents are ROM dogs.

Quite an exciting prospect, I think that training this dog might be a challenging task.

I expect (and hope for) a keen tough dog.

Enough time to worry about that, the little guy was born the 15th of January, so it will be quit a while before he'll move in.

I will visit him next week, maybe I will post some pics then.

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No, no name yet.

I am leaning towards traditional rural Icelandic dog names. They are usually two syllables, I´ve been considering Askur, Skotti or Gosi. Not necessarily one of those though.


Actually I haven´t even selected an individual puppy, all that has been decided is that it´s gonna be one of the three males in the litter. Quite a big litter (lucky for me), 9 pups total, the breeder told me one of the females was a bit of a runt.

For some reason people seem to favor females lately here in Iceland. Relatively more females have been winning trials, but that might be a matter of what was first, the chicken or the egg?


As for looks, both the parents are smooth coated, "standard" black and white, and (sadly ;)) no pricked ears.


NB. By the way, did you know I am dutch too? Lived here in Iceland for twenty years now.

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Congrats to you, and best wishes, too!


Both parents ROM? Sounds good to me, that they have proven their worth even if their parentage isn't known (or verified).


We'll be looking forward to photos and updates.

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There always seems to be a higher demand for females. They are consistently easier to sell. The males are more even as working dogs (no hormone surges) and less sensitive. I find the males easier to work and train, though I love both sexes.


Post photos when you get them.


What is their pedigree like? (I know you said they are ROM, but often pedigrees are known.)

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Yes, the pedigree of both parents is known in detail.


This is a bit of a special case thing; The Icelandic "SFÍ" (Icelandic stockdog society") an independent (from the dreaded FCI and the associated HRFÍ, the Icelandic conformation breeders) working dog registry became part of the ISDS two years ago, and since then a lot of people ROM-ed their stud dogs.

The SFÍ members are almost exclusively sheepfarmers that need strong dogs to work free range sheep in difficult open terrain. The reputation of Icelandic sheep is well earned....


So there are quite a lot of recently ROM dogs here in Iceland. I think in time the situation wil become more like in the UK and the US where dogs getting in on merit will be rarer.

(Just a side thought, why is the ROM test so expensive, shouldn´t owners of very good unregistered working dogs be encouraged to get such a dog into the ISDS?)


I have been looking specifically for a keen and though dog, and especially an "older" wave of imported dogs dogs and their offspring fit this bill. My current working dog is way too soft, and frankly that trait is frustrating me more and more. By the way, she is not retired because of that, she is getting older, has an eye condition, so it is simply time (if anything overdue) to get the next dog.


So the father of this puppy, Spaði from Eyrarland has Icelandic parents and grandparents (well known dogs locally), Greatgrandparents are all imported dogs.

The mother, Sara from Sigtún has an imported father; Dan (ISDS 264530), breeder Brian K. Mcfarlane. A dog that put quite a stamp on the Icelandic genepool.

If you are interested in more details I can post some more.


So, I expect this puppy to be quite a handful, and probably not that easy to train. Needless to say I am really looking forward to it!

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Thanks everybody, I´ll try and look at them tomorrow. Maybe even take some pics.

I am not really thinking about the training yet; the poor thing is not even two weeks old (that is a blatant lie btw; of course I am thinking about the training... :P )

Seriously, I intend to be patient, I will not take him to any sheep before at least the end of fall roundup, and then he´´ll be over 8 months old, see how he looks by then. Still a long way off.

As for his name, currently I am leaning towards "Peli". Suggestions are welcome

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I had a look at the litter. They look fine, still very young of course, eyes haven't opened yet. Even the runt looked healthy and lively, it gets extra nourishment, a good thing, being the smallest of nine, and just eight nipples available, she would probably starve to death with such fierce competition.

Haven't picked one, the breeder says he just hands them out randomly (apart from sexe, and the runt) when the time comes to take them home. I don't have a problem with that.

No pics yet btw, when I tried to take a few I discovered my camera had a flat battery.

Ah well, they will be cuter one or two weeks down the road anyway.

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