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Argos is the Most Tolerant Dog ever regarding small dogs and puppies.


My elderly Papillon Swiffer is mean mean mean to him, and hes so sweet and respectful. She steals his bed, he goes and sleeps in hers.



My young Papillon claimed Argos as his own the day he joined us, and snuggles on him, steals his toys, wrassles with him, begs chewies and toys from him etc.


first week Jasper was here:







Normal (just grabbed the frisbee right out of Argos' mouth)




Blurry, because I zoomed in:




He also made friends with my friends overly friendly Pyr Shep pup, and has a general tolerance for shenanigans.


He's special and sweet like that. Sometimes I catch him licking Jasper's face, or sneaking in a small lick on Swiffer when shes asleep.


eta: we do not allow Jasper to be too obnoxious, and we will intervene if he gets pushy...just because he can be like that doesn't mean he should be allowed. We just love how sweet and tolerant Argos can be. He really does seem to love his Little Buddy.

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My 10 year old male Border Collie, Logan, can spin like a tornado!!!! He is also like Peter Pan, he will never grow up!!!!

Seven year old Ziva is the cuddliest Border Collie ever. She is convinced she is lap dog size and should be petted 24/7/365. She also has a new talent that I need to video tape. If you give her an ear of field corn, right off the stalk, she will husk it and silk it and then run away with the ear of corn!

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My Jester was able to get anyone, under any circumstances, to throw something for him to fetch. Even if the person did not like dogs. Even if I had suggested to the person that they not encourage him by throwing it. Even if everyone was very busy with something important. Even if.....well, you get the idea.


Kit can get anyone to pet her. Same thing as above. No one can resist her.

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Heidi can make anyone feel like a dog trainer. She is more than happy to work with anyone (my Aussie always looks at me first as if to ask "Do I have to?"). Kids, friends, family, training clients, work with her and a) feel less afraid of dogs (because she's SO cute) and listens so well and B) recognize they can in fact train their dog.


She also makes me smile a million times a day. :)

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I still get a little choked up when I think about a moment in time when my dog Ritz made a sad old lady smile one day.


Ritz (so named because she was the color of a Ritz cracker) was a Sheltie X that we adopted from a shelter in 2000. She was 3 1/2 years old at the time according to their records. Due to medical issues with her advanced age (over 19 years old), we sadly had to euthanize her around Thanksgiving, 2015.


Even though she was a difficult dog, I still enjoyed Miss Ritz. She taught me that all dogs are not happy all the time. She had separation issues - particularly when we left her in the car, but she LOVED going on car rides. We just couldn't get out of the car without her starting a barking frenzy. She was hyper-vigilant and hyper-reactive. If I had been more informed about anti-anxiety drugs for canines at the time, I would have tried them to see if they helped her. In spite of all her craziness, she was a sweet girl. And because of her craziness, I started travelling down the road of trying to understand canine training and behavior beyond the average pet dog.


Because Ritz stressed easily, she was never comfortable in the vet's office, but she tried. She would pant and pace and generally shut down, but there was one time ...... I had brought her to the vet and was sitting in the lobby. Another family group was checking out with their dog. It was a harried mother, 3 active kids, the dog and a very sad, zoned-out elderly lady who was the grandmother. Apparently, the woman took care of her feeble mother, and dragged her around with her while she did errands. I remember thinking how sad she looked - just staring down at the floor with slumped shoulders. I forget now, but I think the receptionist asked if Ritz would like a 'treat'. One of those nasty Milk Bones treats. I knew Ritz probably would not eat it at that time, but took it anyway for later. I put it on the floor to see if Ritz wanted it, and her behavior shocked me. She came out from under my chair and started playing with that treat. She jumped up and came down on the treat with her front feet and then pushed the treat around the slick linoleum floor. This went on for at least 3 minutes (which was a LONG time for Ritz to play with anything. She did not 'play' with toys.) She had never, ever done anything like that before. At that point, the family left. The receptionist had been watching this play out, and told me that of all the times that she had seen the old lady come in with her family (and sit dejected in the lobby), this was the first time that she had ever seen her smile (or even look half-way engaged) - as she watched Ritz play with her treat.


I was so happy that little, weird Ritz could make someone's day happy for a few minutes.

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Lily is a very good people trainer. Her new favorite game is training people to play with any toy while she plays with her own toy. She even shows people how to play if they don't start wiggling it around like they are playing with it. Even my uncle who isn't a dog fan cracks up when she does this.


Lyka has the ability to make any dog play with her. When she was about 6 months old there was a very reactive pit bull in one of her obedience classes. We made sure to give that dog its space, but Lyka continued to play bow at it from a distance every time we were going over instructions. The very last class the pit bull play bowed back and the owner was thrilled. We didn't let them play because we didn't want to risk the interaction going south, but still a victory for the owner.

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One of Juno's superpowers is her selective hearing. When I am on my laptop Juno never asks for attention, but no matter how quietly I close the laptop, and no matter where she is in the house, when the laptop closes she is at my feet ready to go. Now, when she is playing with the cat, or should I say when the cat is playing with her, she can't hear a word I say no matter how close I am or how loud I say something.

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Faith knows when 10pm is...no matter what I'm watching or where we are. "It's 10pm and you need to let me out. Now."

Texi's super power is knowing when I'm awake, even if I haven't opened my eyes or moved a muscle.

Georgia's super power is stealing socks, but only in pairs. She won't take odd socks. (she doesn't chew them, just walks around for a few minutes and then hides them.)

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One of my pup's superpowers is extremely helpful and he started it on his own. Whenever my cat scratches furniture, my dog will run over no matter where he is and what he is doing and will stop the cat from scratching. I assume he doesn't like the noise, but whatever reason he has, it's awesome!


Another one is actually kind of sad. When he was a puppy, we lived with another dog and they both got along very well. We went to parks and on walks all the time after we moved apart. One day that dog came over and my dog got extremely weird and scared of him. So much, he wouldn't go near him and instead hid in the basement. Just about two months later, the owner found out that he has a neurological problem which made him become aggressive out of nowhere and he even started to mutilate himself (super sad what had happened to that pup) but my dog could sense that something was not right months before everyone else could.

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