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Jess Needs Help - In Northern Wisconsin

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Hi, our very loving and lovable border collie Jess needs to be re-homed. Here's her story.


Jess came to our home from a rescue situation three years ago. Our home is a farm with sheep and companion border collies and lots of room to roam. It seemed like Jess had found her dream (and us too). For the first 7 months or so, Jess settled in and became great friends with her two new BC companions, the matriarch of the farm Tilia and the younger side kick, Coquina.


Something changed one day and Jess out of the blue attacked Tilia. We broke it up and moved on. It happened again a few weeks later. And yet again. All fights were unprovoked and Tilia had been doing her best to steer clear. We made major changes to how we handled both dogs with neither having direct physical access to the other (they could see, smell, hear but not touch). We made it through a year without a fight and hoped that in time maybe they could be pals again. We also looked for a new home for Jess without success (there were folks who would take her but we felt those home just weren't good fits). A few days ago, while Tilia helped with morning chores and Jess was in the house (daily routine), the front door of our house blew open and Jess escaped. She made a direct bee line for Tilia and a fight ensued. Jess got the worst of it and ended up with stitches (this was the first time that blood was drawn). We have two options for Jess. She needs a new home or she needs to be put down. We think there is a forever home somewhere and in truth, she deserves it regardless of her behavior regarding Tilia.


A bit more about Jess. She's about 5 years old, spayed, black and white tri-color, about 35#'s, smooth coat, pure bred but no papers. She has some training with sheep and works hogs really well. She gets along with cats, chickens, older kids, and other dogs (except Tilia!). She continues to be close loving buddies with Coquina, although we think she should be in a one dog household from now on. She knows sit, down, stay, crate up, etc. (in fact she's likely the smartest BC we've had, and we've had more than a few over the years). She wants to please, medium energy, likes to play with toys, walks on a leash, like routines like chore time, loves to cuddle and take afternoon naps with her human companions. In many ways she is a perfect dog. She does have a few other quirks typical to many BC's including reacting to motion (she bites at water coming out of the hose), is afraid of thunder and other loud sharp sounds (she self-crates if inside, comes to the door if out), needs crating for car trips (we also cover the crate as flickering light bothers her too).


We are looking for someone to help. Are you Jess's forever home? Our contact info is at our farms website, http://www.hermitcreekfarm.com/





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Sorry that this has happened. It sounds like you have tried to manage the situation and for a time it did work. As of right now I don't know of anyone looking for a dog, but our stockdog club president, or any of the directors might have more connections. Go on to the Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association website(wwsda.org) where you will find contact info.



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