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Better w/o training?

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I have been wondering about something my girl does for a while and just now have gotten around to posting about it.


Maggie and I get to only a few agility competitions a year, but I've noticed something very interesting - she performs MUCH better on the courses (faster, cleaner, etc.) when she hasn't been in a formal class or practicing much at home!


Before I realized this, we were in classes much of the year and her times in competition were consistantly over the max time allowed and she was more likely to knock bars in the Jumpers class, but in classes her times and accuracy were pretty good.


Now that I don't have the funds to afford classes, she finally has gotten her first Q in standard and in Jumpers, both in the same competition after not having practiced much and no classes for over 9 MONTHS!


Any idea what's going on here? Do any of your dogs do this?

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This happens with my aussie, if we lay off a bit between spats of agility during the trial season or during the hottest part of the summer for training he is far more enthusiastic about it. I think they get sour from over training/trialing just like any other athelet

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