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How long to work a pup?

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Sheryi, 19 weeks and using the agility eguipment!!??

What equipment do you allow a 19week old pup to do?

My dog was 7-8mnths old prior to doing any equipment except for wood planks on the ground and the wobbly board He is 26mths old now and we train 5- 10 min . at a time . I would not train my 19week old for 15 min .

What is your plan and goals for your pup?


At 19 weeks we where doing foundation work building a relationship

I am interested in this since imay be getting a pup .I canot waite to see what others have to say

Dont rush your pup


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I was tipping the teeter for her today. She was also walking the full size dog walk at a slow pace. She already goes though tunnels with encouragement. We dont jump at all.


Dal is 16 months and since Dec when he was 7 months he's been sharing a 50 min lesson with another dog so work 5 take a rest for 5.

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