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Proud Dally learned the teeter

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We are going to the fun run at the dog days for the Nebcr and Dal still wasnt doing the teeter infact he decided that night to refuse the walk too.


Since I'm using my own equip I hoisted him up and made him stand on the walk and walk down and bingo he forgot that. (he's beeing using the walk for months)


So at the end we worked on our new teeter and He's doing it. I have to hold his collar but, he's not afraid of tip it's the walking on so He'll get over it.


Just in time.

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Way to go, both of you, on making progress!


I agree that you should put something at the tip (food wise) so that he goes all the way to the end and rides it down. Makes for a really fast teeter later.


Keep working, it will be perfect in no time!

Oh, and good luck at the fun run!

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Any advice for a pup who won't go near the teeter?

River is completely afraid to go near it after she did the baby teeter in class (flew off the end as fast as she could as soon as it started moving). Now won't go near it. BUT she will go on the wobbly board at home and has no fear of this little plank & 1/2 tree trunk I set up - it's just the teeter at the practice barn.


Also she's afraid of the big dog walk... heights I think.... cept that she LOVES the A frame.

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Daz was afraid of the sound, not the movement. So just banging the teeter while the dogs eats a bowl of food helped her the most.


the things like not getting on it, just playing ball (or frisbee) around it. Ignore the teeter until River is used to it being around. Then you could either have it really low (so it almost doesn't tip) and have her go over it or do the "one paw at a time" game (at first just ask for her to put on paw on it, then later another paw, once she is good with that, three paws - and so on until the dog is walking over it).


There are lots of other games you can do - I posted them all in one thread awhile back. I can's seem to find it though....


The other thing, it just takes time. At some point, as long as you are doing everything right that is, she will get over it!

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Thanks Kat. Just need some reassurance. It was sad going home knowing she was completely afraid.


My other dog didn't like the movement of the teeter, but went on it because I asked her to. She trusted me. I don't think River does yet... or she's just stubborn


I have a teeter base at my house, i just need to get a plank for it. Having class just once a week seems like forever, so I'd like to have her play around it during the week too. So I'll have to get to Home Depot soon!

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RR - what Kat said - and get someone else to hold the end, so that once she will walk on, you can gradually start moving it up and down - load the treats into her. Watch as she adjusts to the movement, and treat for that. Gradually build up the amount of movement she will tolerate. Keep the whole thing very up-beat - if you stress, she will too. And don't forget that some dogs are much more protective of themselves than others, and this can really affect their attitude to the teeter.

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First i have my dogs play on the woobly board .They run to it and do a 2o2o click and T.

than I run them on my 8 foot board that is on a 4 inch drain pipe .They run to the end and 2o2o C+T

Than i lower my see saw and as my dogs confidece grows I rase the see saw if they dont run to the end and 2o 2o i lower it and work on speed to the end .

I started by just having my dogs run across boards than i taught 2o2o seperately. Only moving to higher see saws when my dogs confidence grew

Be patient go slow

If i had to take my dog by the coller for him or her to do the see saw. I would know that I have to take some steps back and build confidence.

I agree with most of what Kat says , not sure about treat on the see saw i use target about 6 inches away from end o see saw on the ground and fade it quickly.


Dog walk if my dog is unsure of the DW than I would lower it until she /he was confident on it . even if i had to go to it being flat on the ground.

I feel if you do your foundation work your dog will be happy and confident. Most problems come about by being inpatient and movig your dog ahead to fast.



PS Have fun

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For me I didn't actually put a treat at the end, but I put a target on the tip of the teeter so she would run to the tip, then another target on the ground for the 2o2o. I had to put the target ON the teeter because she wasn't driving to the end and couldn't see the target on the ground.


Happy training! I know what you mean having to wait for class - that is why I now have all my own stuff! :rolleyes:

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Yep, and I actually started using it in class on Monday - she got to fetch the ball a few times after completing some sequences AND for coming near the teeter to take treats from me


She only fetches the ball, she doesn't actually want to mouth it or anything, so it has to actually be moving for her to care.

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