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Another Question. This time on fetch.

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So I have another question. My 5yr adoted BC female (Abby) LOVES ball but won't bring it back. She fetches the ball then drops it, kicks it around with her feet for a while and stares at me to come get it and throw it again.. I was reading the other post on this subject, so I tried the long line to being her back to me but then she still drops the ball before I can get her close to me. I found it ridiclues last night when I was trying so hard to make her want to pic it up and bring it to me that Luke (12 week old pup) ran to her grabbed the ball and brought it to me! and he's never played fetch before but even HE knew what I wanted!


Anyone have any suggestions on how to get her to grab the ball and hold it in her mouth?


Thanks so much for any help!



Luke and Abby's mom

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Have two or more balls, she obviously enjoys you throwing the ball more than the ball itself, so, this method probably would work with her.


throw her a ball in one direction, let her catch it and then throw the other one in the opposite direcion or in a L form, but not in the same direction, then walking slowly recover the first ball. Play this way a coupple of session without asking her anything.


When she understand that you are the one with the balls (and the fun) then you can begin to throw the second ball just if she approach to you with the first ball, step by step, until she arrives to you with the ball in the mouth.


People here can give you more details on this method.

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My older dog has this same issue to a lesser extent than you describe, but what I do is incorporate her absolute favorite game, tug, into the fetch game by playing with a sturdy fabric frisbee. If she brings it back, I will tug with her. She knows this and brings it all the way back to me every time. This carries over into playing with a ball most of the time.


I also throw her ball one way, and then throw a second the other way, as Catu describes, and I threw it so she had to run past me. Usually she would drop the ball at my feet as she ran past.


Also, strongly recommended by all the books I have read is that when you throw the ball and the dog starts back to you, RUN AWAY. The dog will usually follow you, hopefully carrying the ball. When they catch up, praise them, and throw the ball again as the reward for coming all the way to you.


With my younger dog, I had to use food to reward him for coming back and also reel him in with string, but now he is a fetching machine. He had zero interest in chasing me. He LOVES to be chased himself, though, so I every now and then let him have whatever toy he's got and chase him around the yard. He LOVES this. I stop frequently and have him drop the item, come to me, get a treat, and then go back to his item and run away again. He has a terrific recall now. :rolleyes:


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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I second the tugging suggestion! It's the only reward (except for praise of course) that I use during fetch games with Kessie, because she's too busy to be interested in treats then.


These balls with ropes are great for tugging and throwing! Well, we've taken the top half off one and the rope off another, but that wasn't the balls' fault


A short "symbolic" tug is normally enough to make her happy during fetch games.

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The tugging won't work for Abby, she has no interest in tugging, I tried that.. she does not want to hold the ball or whatever I throw.. After I toss it she catches it (stops it) drops it plays soccer with it for a sec then stands there waiting for me to come get it.. I have to get a couple more balls and I will try the two ball trick and throw them in a square and see how that goes!


Luke and Abby's mom

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