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Stage 3 kidney failure

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I am sorry to hear this.


I understand that kidney diets (prescription diets) do not often tend to be very palatable and, as kidney disease progresses, along with its accompanying symptoms, reduced appetite and pickier appetite can result in a dog not eating as well as is needed. Sometimes what a dog needs is IV fluids, which you can learn to administer at home.


K9kidneydiet at Yahoo groups is a very intensive resource for kidney failure dog care and feeding. If you are not a member there, you might consider joining. There is a lot of information there. I have been following their recommendations for almost two years now with my Megan, who was diagnosed with Stage 2 kidney failure 22 months ago, and who has maintained a very good quality of life following their dietary recommendations. She is still maintaining at Stage 2 but, of course, each case is different. Our daughter's dog was diagnosed some months ago and rather than the customized diet Megan is fed, he is fed a commercial, non-kidney disease kibble, and has maintained his blood values over the six months or so since his diagnosis.


I feel for you and hope that the rest of her time is peaceful and quality time. I am sorry that her brother has passed on. I wonder if grieving for him could be part of her appetite loss?

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Drinking water is a very good thing!


K9kidneydiet is a very intense group but they have a ton of resources and will offer lots of advice. It's not a quick thing to join as you have to be accepted and submit history on your dog (you use their form) plus submit blood work results (you also use their form but I have problems sometimes working that as Yahoo and I are not always good friends and don't always get along well ;)). And they provide information to a level of care that I, for one, will not pursue. They are non-judgmental but will question things you do that they don't feel are beneficial, and are understanding in that not everyone has the resources to pursue all the same treatments, diet, testing, vet care, that others may have.


All that said, I feel that Megan and I have benefited from their advice and resources, and I have made up her diet from their recommendations. It's done her well (enough so that her previous vet, whom I loved, said that whatever it was I was doing, I needed to keep doing it) for almost two years now. On the other hand, as I said, my daughter's dog is doing well without any sort of dietary change from commercial kibble. Of course, each case has its own unique characteristics and what works for one dog may not for another. They have some very experienced "civilians" (non-vets) who moderate and offer advice, and they are very dedicated. I think they have a level of involvement with kidney disease in dogs that most vets are not able to experience because they are very focused on this and share results with many owners and examine many resources.


Very best wishes!

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So sorry to hear of your loss. You are having a hard time there, and I feel bad for you. I want to encourage you very much to join the Yahoo group. I have not been part of that group, but when my soul-mate cat had kidney disease, it was a Yahoo group for people with renal failure cats that saved his life many times over, and taught me everything I needed to know, not to mention the amazing support I received from those folks. I wish you good luck with this.

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I think we are fighting a loosing battle. Pebbles will one day eat her food that is good for her KD and other days she wont.


The last 3 days she wont touch anything we give her that is good for her.


I am starting to think that at 14 years of age what is the best way for her to pass on.


She is still active but now sleeps way more then ever,still drinks water well.


So I guess my question is this, Is it better (easier) for her to die of kidney failure or starving.


Like I said she will eat most anything that is bad for her kidneys and would just like to get some opinions

as to what other people think at this stage.


Thank you to everyone for helping us through the latter part of our Best friends life.


Frank and Mary

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I vote with the previous answers. Keep as happy as possible - feed her what she wants to eat, do what she loves doing, spend time with her. When she won't eat anything - she's ready to go.


I really, really hate putting a dog to death, but at a certain point, it's much kinder for the dog. They suffer no longer. We humans get to grieve the painful loss, and go on.


I've got tears falling as I type this, and I bet I'm not the only one. We all come to this day with our beloved companions. We grieve with you, Frank and Mary.


Ruth and Gibbs

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Kidney disease is a losing battle, no matter how long the battle is. It is a balancing act, especially nearing the end.

But if your dog is still active she is not ready to go yet. Let her eat whatever she wants to eat and keep her happy. If she "crashes", then it will be time to let her go.


Tempt her with whatever foods she likes, even if it is junk dog food. At this point and at her age it will probably make little difference in how long she lives, but it will make a difference in how well she lives that time, which is more important at this point. And do things you and she enjoy. Those memories will help you after she is gone.


People say if an animal stops eating it is time but I disagree.


Stopping eating is not necessarily an indication that it is time to let her go. Animals (and people) stop eating for many reasons and unless she refuses all food for several days, it doesn't mean she should die. It may just mean she needs a different thing to tempt her. That has been my experience. If I had let my cat go when he stopped eating he and I would have missed out on more than three years of good time together, during which time he stopped eating several times. I got him going again each time.


I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I know how it felt when I was going through it and it is pretty bad.

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Well we are still doing a juggling act trying to get Pebbles eating. We have so many different foods for her it is crazy.She will eat about 1/2 can,then the next day wont eat it at all.


Tonight it was cube steak, she ate it like crazy.


The Vet called today to see how she was doing and agrees with everyone else,forget about the KD and just let her eat

whatever she wants.


I will keep everyone posted.


Thanks to all.

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OK I will try and get this written, last night at 11 pm Pebbles had a stroke ( we think) left her incapacitated until about 2am

and she was able to move her front legs.


By this afternoon she had not eaten anything or drank any water,her hind end was still not functioning.


We got her to the Vet at 4pm and he helped us decide to put her at rest,why is it if its the best thing to do ,its so hard to do.


She went VERY peacefully and we were by her side.


I want to Thank again everyone for their caring and uplifting comments We have a lot of good memories of her and her brother BamBam and those make us smile.


She will be better now. Us, well that is another story,just going to take some time.


Frank and Mary

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I'm very sorry you're going through this. Knowing you did the right thing doesn't make you miss her any less, though. Wishing you peace and hoping you soon move through the worst of the grief and missing her and are able to savor your good memories.

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My dog had a few strokes during kidney failure as well. He had a bad one and then a few little ones spread out within a few months. I am glad she is at peace, and I am so sorry for your loss. I just went through what you did last year, so know it gets better as time goes on, and you realize they are still around in spirit.

: )

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My BC died today from kidney failure at the vet after 3 different 

Doctors opinions we decided it was best for her to be put down we gave her fluids... up until her last day.. it was so sad we tried everything to help her . But it was the best for he

Still such a sad day.wish we would could have her a kidney transplant. 

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