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Is this typical for a border collie?

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Hello All - I have a 7 month old male who loves to play fetch. He knows sit, come treat. Yet, the only thing he will do immediately on command is "Winston, get the ball?" It is cute, but it worries me. When I ask him to sit or come, I can see that he is thinking about it and sometimes looks around before making his decision to do it.


Also, when I am cooking or something other than giving him my direct attention, he will bring a toy, preferrably a ball (If I forgot to hide it) and consistently drop it at my feet and "roof-roof" until I respond. I have tried "ignoring" it only because sometimes we need to be able to function throughout the home (without the dog) - but it's just so darn cute as well as living in an apartment.


I know he is very trainable and responds when he wants, but for his safety this worries me. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Thanks! Melanie

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Using throwing the ball as the reward for the recall and you will see his attention to you improve, I bet. Make him sit, lay down, wait, shake hands, come when called, etc. before you will throw the ball. If he brings you the ball, just put it up somewhere where he can't get to it. Then when he gets bored and wanders off, you can call him to you and then throw it for him. He'll catch on quick.


I have a mad ball fetcher, too. I can't leave any round objects laying around.


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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i do not have toys wear my dog can get them i start and finish the games my dogs are 10 , 6 , 5 and 2 YO and are allways rewarded when they come to me and I will all ways reward them. This makes them coming to me a high value activity. so when ever they see me they come to me unless I tell them not to.

Your pup is young and he may test you so just move closer to him or put him on a long line and when he gets to you reward him .

If i was you i would start to do some impulse controll exercises. for example your pupmust sit or sit and stay untill you release him to get the ball.

LOL enjoy the pup


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