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After losing my beloved Kit to cancer in April and deciding that I don't like my life without a dog in it, on Saturday, I adopted this boy from a rescue in the LA area: http://www.bordercolliesinneed.org/border_collie_rescue_and_adoptions/blackbart.html


It's still early, but so far, I'm utterly impressed. Despite a rough start in life, he's remarkably stable. I haven't witnessed much fear. He notices everything, but isn't reactive. He loves people and other dogs. Good food motivation. Likes toys, but doesn't understand yet that it's a game we can play together. Very quiet. And really smart. Seems like he'll be a cinch to train.


Going to try to get seen by the vet this week for xrays and physical exam. I don't expect to find much, but since he will hopefully be my new agility partner, the adoption is contingent on the outcome at the vet.


I'm still working on a name. Under consideration: Tuxedo (Tux for short), Quill, and Pelé (like the Brazilian soccer player). Other suggestions welcome.





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Things are going well here. After just a couple of hours, he picked up a default sit. Today we worked hard on crate games (permission to exit the crate) and he's totally getting it! It's like 99% better than the behavior I witnessed when I met him on Saturday. As I type this, he's dozing in his crate with the door wide open - his choice to go in there. He also learned to jump into the back of my car today. I dug out my old basic obedience manual from the days when Kit was a puppy. It's full of useful exercises, so we'll be working our way through that.


He pooped and peed twice today instead of only once, so that's progress. I think he learned to hold it when he was in the shelter. No accidents yet. He's still pretty quiet. I realize that could change as he gets more comfortable here, but he certainly doesn't seem shut down to me.


I know everyone here liked "Quill", but I'm leaning towards "Tux". For agility, a dog that looks like his name is very useful - no one will look at the score sheet and wonder if they've got the right dog. And the T and the X are distinctive consonants - great for recall and grabbing attention on course.


Vet check (including x-rays) is tomorrow. I'm really hoping for a positive outcome because I want to keep this boy. Badly. He'll be sedated for the x-rays, so tomorrow will probably be a loss as far as training.

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Congrats on adopting this beautiful boy. Hope the vet visit went well and that you're on the way to great lives together.


My first border collie's mother's name was Quill. Great name.


But the most important thing is that you and he like the name you decide on. IMO, a name's just got to click. Tux is a great name too.

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