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After a long hiatus (from competition, not class), Tessa and I returned to Agility competition this past weekend. It was so GOOD to be back!!


We earned 3 Q's in 3 runs, in spite of a few little blips!


Here was Tessa's nicest run - her Snooker, which was our last of the day. (I did blind cross one jump beyond where I meant to - that closing would have been even nicer had I done the blind where I should have!)


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Snooker is the most fun when you make a mistake in the opening and have to think on your feet to rectify it!!! :D


Tessa and I love Snooker. I have a feeling I will not love it with Bandit! It is definitely a game that favors a moderate paced dog who can still be correct with on-the-fly handling!!

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Yep. And Tessa is not a gambler dog. If not for non-traditional Jackpots, we would have been in trouble. She had done a few nice gambles, but most she doesn't. We also struggle to get enough points in the opening


Bandit will rock Jackpot!!


It's funny that CPE put those two games together as a titling class. They are polar opposites in so many ways!!

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