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This year, Poland has a team in the Continental Championship for the first time. It is one person, Marta Chmiel with her two dogs. Marta is the best competitor in Poland by far, and she had a nice run yesterday with Liv where she placed 24/43. Today afternoon she will run with her second dog. But everybody is already very happy! (Photos by the Continental Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Continental-Sheepdog-Championship-2016-Paimennuksen-EM-kilpailu-1000296960016958/?fref=ts )



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Marta got 197 points today with with her second dog!!!! In-cre-dible!!!! The results show that she is third now, but it seems that not all results are in yet (strong winds cause power outages and there are 10 peopele where they have 0 points but not DQ or RET so I am not sure what this means), but yesterday the 8 people that qualified for the finals had scores from 206 to 165. So it looks good.


(Amy, thank you for the vote of confidence ;):) , but I have fallen behind a great deal in trialing in the last four years, due to my health problems, and now my dog's too, so I will be happy when I can at least start inviting people for clinics again. All this time my friends have grown and developed and I am happy for them. )


Marta has spent all the time I have known her (which is about 10 years) working very hard getting good dogs, traveling to trials to other countries (e.g. Germany and the UK), inviting excellent trainers and handlers to her farm for clinics, and this is a hard earned and well deserved success. I am incredibly happy for her. Here is today's Marta with her bitch Neala. Neala is 6 years old and she is of Marta's breeding out of her first bitch (second border collie) by Serge van der Zweep's Jim.



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